http://www.engvid.com/ Are you listening? Can you hear me? What’s the difference between LISTEN and HEAR in English? Watch this free lesson to find out, then take the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/english-vocabulary-listen-hear/ to see if you got it.

English Vocabulary – Listen & Hear – What's the difference?
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50 thoughts on “English Vocabulary – Listen & Hear – What's the difference?”
  1. This lady is totally backwards. This is how the school system has taught your children. Then they grow up into ignorant adults.
    I can watch football and my wife comes in to ask me to do something later and I will say "yes dear". Then later my wife asks me if I did what she requested. I apologize and tell her I did not hear what you told me! You see "HEARING" takes in understanding. You take in knowledge everyday, but unless you heard all of the knowledge you did not understand. When you understand something you can go teach someone else the knowledge, but if you did not get all understanding you only listening to some of the knowledge.

  2. Hola. Mil gracias por ayudarnos a entender mas el ingles.Ud. es la profe de ingles mas espectacular que he conocido por la simpatia, claridad y sobretodo el amor con que lo hace .Aunque sea atea lo digo ,que DIOS la bendiga.Lo digo en espanol porque ud. tambien desea aprender otro idioma.Thanks a lot.

  3. I understand difference between hear and listen it's very easy common difference hear mean ignore sound outside and listen is very carefully in the classroom listen to the teacher it's easy after watch your video thank you very much..❤️❤️

  4. Teacher I have question, e.g I am glad to heard from you. Can we say I am glad to listened from you . Which one is right? And what the background behind the correct one please need suggestions.

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