It is easy to get confused between turtles and tortoises so in this video we look at some of the major differences between the two. Another Quick Pet Care Tip from

Turtle tortoise difference
tortoise turtle differences

Turtle and Tortoise Differences
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36 thoughts on “Turtle and Tortoise Differences”
  1. "Turtles have webbed feet" shows picture of turtle with flippers Just kidding mate. Very informative. Although I think scientifically speaking a tortoise is a kind of turtle. But that's not how the terms are mostly used.

    Edit: Woah, I didn't know asterisks now made text bold. Not what I meant to do.

  2. You forgot that tortise will drown if submerged and the biggest difference a tortise eats only plants aka herbivores where as turtle is an omnivore though prefer fish and squid as an adult.

  3. "Firstly, turtles."
    >Shows a picture of a terrapin
    Dude, that's not a turtle. That's clearly a terrapin. (Which are similar to tortoises and turtles, but are not the same thing.)

  4. My stepdad found a tortoise (at least i think so) when working.He found it because he was about to crush it and decided to grab him.My mom agreed to keep him.They both said it was a land turtle and i kept on insisting it was a tortoise mainly beacuse he/she dosen't have the feet turtles tend to have.

  5. I found tortoise in my pool after draining it. I didn't clean my pool right away and left it for 3 days. The day I wanted to clean it I found the tortoise got stuck on one of the pool steps. Poor thing, had been there for 3 days I guess. I was planning to release it at first but decided to keep it. I placed it in my temporary "aquarium", a 50lbs tote. Going to get a new UV light led and a new large aquarium for it.

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