Mr. Andersen explains the basic quantities of motion. Demonstration videos and practice problems are also included. The difference between scalar and vector quantities is also discussed.

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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
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29 thoughts on “Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration”
  1. Sir, u have explained the concept of velocity with very nice illustrative example – Mr Usain Bold superb u have creative mind in teaching the things to the persons who are NOT aware of the knowledge about velocity in Physics .

  2. When objects fall it's not because of gravity. It's due to density. If something is heavier then the air it falls down. If its lighter then the air it'll float. As we've all been taught. Buoyancy, density & water surface tension are very interesting. Anyone who isn't familiar should try to check it out sometime.

  3. Bugatti deploys ONE-Horsepower==76 kg-force to pull every kilogram of its mass, to reach this 1G acceleration!!! Assuming it was speeding up a 45-degree racetrack, with maximum thrust-force, could you please calculate (or link to) the max-acceleration it could gain from 0-60, or any other variations??? Thanks. K.S.

  4. This guys is the John Green of math and I love him. He does Chem too and he’s like my side guy if Green being weird or for extra stuff. Love this guy been watching him in school for yesrsssssss

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