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The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
#Difference #United #Kingdom #Great #Britain #England #Explained

40 thoughts on “The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained”
  1. This is total misinformation. To say that the countries don't like each other is totally untrue. You say the Isle of Wight is not part of the UK. I LIVE THERE and can assure you it is. Please do not believe anything in this video.

  2. Just as the u.s.a is a crown colony as well as our Washington of British Columbia is, the exact same as the heart of ljnfj biggest the crown and ghe romean catholic church. Yeah the u.s.a us we are the Washington British if Columbia military branch to ancient the roman catholic church us he religious departments in the 3 crown city states in the eotld are k.x. roman catholic church and heart of the city of London then they all were biolt on a Stargate and we do I don't tr6hom noybhrnasucneew over 70 USA banks Rothschild are the bamkees we never eonnour independence from great Britain as we have been told dance only 4 ever. And ancient Egypt.

  3. I had often tomes got a ponder the question why did yhenu.sbhsbe to fight in eachc& every war England is you fight . We gavevgouggt numerous of battles in which we no association anyway the fact we are still under the wheen elizabeth 2bd gss gender

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