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Difference between LCD and LED
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  1. In the late 80s there was an article in Popular Mechanics that featured a true LED prototype built by MIT up until then a blue LED was impossible they not only cracked this but built tri bar shaped LEDs that could run up to three separate colors or one solid color for the whole chip they were then able to shrink them small enough to fit well over 30 inside a normal TV pixle (which needs a combo of three pixles together for one blended color) I had heard the quality back then was able to rival 1080p and had no backlight as the image was produced from the LEDs themselves I had heard that in Japan they took off and were comon place by the early 90s due to patent issues we had to find another rt to have flat screens so we went by way of plasma and then back lit lcd color

  2. thanks for this video. my idea about what is different between LCD and LED is prob to me. the panel or TFT (Tin Film Transistor) are both the same LCD and LED. but the different is Back Light soured of light. i am TV technician company here in the Philippines and they have costumers asking me what is different between LCD and LED on 2011 march and i answer it. (the different is backlight. LCD is CFL Florescent Lamp and LED Light Emitting Diode. thats way which is a low power consumption)
    because on this video

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