Dr. Doug Lake, a radiologist at Bellevue Medical Center explains the difference between a CT scan and MRI scan. He also explains how he decides which scan to perform and the state-of-the-art equipment in use at Bellevue Medical Center. The MRI at the hospital is much better for people with claustrophobia and for larger patients.

The Difference Between A CT And MRI – Bellevue Medical Center
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29 thoughts on “The Difference Between A CT And MRI – Bellevue Medical Center”
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  2. Is Ct scan without contrast accurate ?
    I have had headache for a while now that comes and goes
    Doctor got me CT scan and showed clear brain but acute sphenoid sinusitis
    But i keep thinking i need MRI and that maybe CT scan isnt accurate or they made a mistake ?
    No other side effects though.

  3. I was in a accident about 16 months ago. It wasn't a small accident since I had to go through surgery and all that. They gave me the CT since my surgery was related to my head but never a MRI. Now listening to this and realizing MRI detects a lot of soft tissue issues I feel I should open my case back up. I'm not old either im in my mid 20's and really feel like the University of Minnesota owe me answers? You really don't know how hurt you are until everything you thought hurt heals.

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