Presentation on neurosis and psychosis: definitions, differences, types of neuroses, examples of neurosis and psychosis

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  1. Multiple Personality is actually called Dissociative Identity Disorder and it is a neurosis … And I know that because I have a Diagnosis of Depersonalisation and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  2. Yes, you are right, sorry. This is a fairly quick overview and some detail is missing. There are some some common features but Multiple Personality is most often classified as a neurosis. However, it has a high level of comorbidity with other disorders including schizophrenia and many people people with DID have some psychotic symptoms. In other words, some disorders like DID are still pretty hard to classify.

  3. wow!! Thanks that makes things so picture clear!
    It helped me develop interest to study deeper now.
    Wish to study more thru your slides. Thanks

  4. thank you for this video, I have just discovered anxiety neurosis and I think I have it. I had a drug related panic attack when I was younger and have suffered on and off with anxiety depression and panic disorder but In the past year it has taken a different turn. i used to belueve and pray to god but i totally lost that, im not religious but had some amount of faith, i really lost all hope for anything after death which has impart made life somewhat meaningIess to me. ihad huge symptoms of feeling out of my mind, really obbsessive fear of death, reality was terrifying to me and the whole concept of life so confussing and over whelming like nothing I'd ever felt. I had constant fear that I was having a heart problem, brain tumour or I was just going crazy. I self diagnosed myself with depersonalization disorder but it seems like anxiety neurosis is the exact problem. do these symptoms sound familiar ?

  5. Fantastic video! Had to sift through a bunch of metal band albums before I finally found this bundle of insight! I hope you've been doing well since the posting of this video. Cheers!

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