Joy Chowdhury from Anthelio Training Team talking about various time zones of the US, daylight saving, and its difference with respect to IST etc. Enjoy!!!

US Time Zones Demonstration
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26 thoughts on “US Time Zones Demonstration”
  1. I'm sorry but you seem to have got this totally wrong and demonstrated it the other way around. Standard Time is IST-10:30 onward (because EST is UTC-5) and Daylight Savings Time is IST-9:30 onward (because EDT is UTC-4 due to one hour advancement).

  2. In Indochina Time they have time like this:
    ET: 11 hours, 12 hours
    PT: 14 hours, 15 hours
    Alaska Time: 15 hours, 16 hours
    Hawaii Time: 17 hours
    MT: 13 hours, 14 hours
    US Samoa Time: 18 hours

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  4. You are teaching wrong to all. Your 1st mistake is that you have mixed ST with DT i.e. IST is 10:30 hours ahead of EST, not EDT. And, IST is 09:30 hours ahead of EDT, not EST. It means IST is +10:30 of EST & IST is +09:30 of EDT. Your 2nd mistake is that you didn't deduct an hour when you were explaining EDT rather you added an hour. So, overall it's not mistakes but blunders. Kindly acknowledge. You are teaching so wrong that it took a good span of hours to rectify my mistake whatever I learnt from you through this video of yours. I am feeling a headache now. But still, I appreciate your work which unfortunately went in 2 wrong directions through 2 blunders of yours. I apologize if I made you feel hurt but my intention wasn't to do so rather I wanted to rectify your work.

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