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It is really easy to distinguish a monocot from a dicot. However, first, it is important to understand that monocots and dicots actually represent the two main branches of flowering plants. That means that almost all flowering plants can be divided into one of these two groups. Of course, the key word is almost all. There are some that don’t fit into either groups very well.

The five main characters I like to use are Leaves, Roots, Stems, Cotyledons, and Flowers.

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Monocots vs Dicots Explained
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35 thoughts on “Monocots vs Dicots Explained”
  1. In discussing biology, you can 100% ALWAYS leave out discussion of evolution. It doesn’t help anyone to science better. (Yes, I just verbed ‘science’.)
    You mentioned they had to change the organization… this is ongoing and will never end, not because thinkers disagree, but because evolution is a sham.

  2. I love this- I was rolling everytime a new topic was introduced with the blood splatter murder effect. Didn't think I'd ever laugh when watching a video about plants but here we are

  3. Wow that was gret but every where, in every video every one is teaching what I have learned from my book! I cant get new information for my project! What may i do?

  4. No one:

    Them in the first second: "So plants- are cool."

    Them in the first few seconds: "So this plant, you will die. It's poisonous. Die. The plant that killed socrates." (All different plants though-)

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