Ola welcome to butterfly the Spanish me llamo Ana and in today's lesson we're going to learn how to say how are you in Spanish okay so let's start in Spanish we have like the most popular word Ola Ola when you're asking someone how are you that's it hola como estas hola como esta the .

Person is going to answer muy bien muy bien bien más o menos Oh mal and that person is going to ask you in you eat too and you're going to say depending how you are the day muy bien bien más o menos oh man okay let's repeat the pronunciation muy bien en más o menos man muy bien I'm great bien I'm okay .

Mas o menos I'm all right my bad okay now it's very important if you're asking someone how they are and they answer this for this you're going to go here but if they are saying mas o menos all right or bad you're going to go here why well it's very natural if a person tells tells you I'm all right you're going to say oh that's great .

Praise it like that oh that's great no you're gonna say más o menos so y por que por que why are you like that well you know why are you alright pork in the sea end this man that's what we asked if they answer mas o menos or man you're going to ask them porque te sientes man why are you feeling bad okay .

Porque tu sientes mile Oh if they are asking man so maybe I'm say más o menos you're going to ask them por que más o menos por que más o menos okay and then you got they are going to give an answer or if you are the one that is being asked that question you're going to give an answer and you're going to say por que I got some bad news .

Because I got some bad news pork it Bracey be my las noticias okay porque la si be my las noticias now there's two important things here okay porque first por que por okay separate words or space okay question mark question mark for okay answer porque right porque thus en desu man why are you feeling bad because I got some bad .

News porque Lisa V my las noticias if you listen to me you're going to you're going to notice a very like little a very important difference in the pronunciation por que por que okay question sir all right but if the person is feeling great then you say muy bien .

Great or en okay and you're gonna say que bien oh okay bueno me that gusto I'm glad okay so if the person you're asking is it says muy bien or bien you're going to say que bien que bueno Mayda gusto I'm glad I'm glad you're okay all right now there's important things .

To notice here okay accent mark admiration marks accent mark made a gusto another important thing to notice como como estas now como Axanar is toss up summer all right hola here of course that's if it's going to be written we're going to speak we're going to say those sentences you're .

Going to say hi how are you hola como estas muy bien bien más o menos mal he – yo bien muy bien más o menos man porque te sientes mal porque te sientes mal por que más o menos por que reciben mallas noticias por que trae CB mallas noticias because I got some bad news me but if you're rising muy bien en que bien que bueno me da gusto okay well .

That's a basic way how to say how are you I hope you enjoyed this class please if you're interested in learning some more Spanish subscribe to my channel butterflies Spanish adios
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