Hi welcome to butterfly Spanish me llamo Ana and in today's lesson we're going to learn how to say goodbye in Spanish okay so let's start the first word is adios maybe you have heard it many times adios know if you can if you listen to it adios the D sounds like you put your tongue in between the teeth adios studies by the second is nos vemos .

Nos vemos which means like will will see ours we'll see each other nos vemos the third one is hasta luego hasta luego hasta luego which means see you later first one is hasta pronto which means more let's see you soon now we have this hasta la vista .

Just don't say that okay some people say it and I find it funny because my entire life I have never heard a native speaker that says hasta la vista I just think it's very popular because of the ex governor of California just don't say hasta la vista it sounds terrible and it sounds like you don't speak Spanish that you just heard that .

Word okay so you can use adios bye nos vemos hasta luego hasta pronto I think what is better for you to use in the beginning will be adios nos vemos hasta luego hasta pronto you can use it but it's less popular okay so after these words just to be nice you can add something to make it nicer adios take care .

Without they take care without it or you can also say have a good time which means get a bye ya bein is not the little literal translation but I'm just trying to compare it to a very so useful phrases in English okay so get the right yeah bien you can accompany this phrases with one of this so you can say for example hasta luego , quiddity Oh .

Nos vemos , get the bye ya bien okay , I'm saying because you make kind of a pause hasta luego get the by ya bien okay now we're going to go to the second category put a line here because this is a little bit different this is more like indefinite you're saying see you you're not saying when you're saying see .

You later you don't know exactly you don't know exactly when you're going to see the other person okay so this is more accurate this is for like every with your friends and your family or whatever this is more for like your work or your daily life routine okay so you can say nos vemos we'll see you nos vemos but if you want .

To be more accurate you can say I'll see you later on okay so at some point we know we're going to see each other nos vemos must study we'll see you later on okay Oh nos vemos manana we'll see you tomorrow I'll see you tomorrow nos vemos manana nos vemos el jueves and Thursday or nos vemos on Wednesday el .

Miércoles okay or I'll see you in the weekend nos vemos el fin de semana el fin de semana the weekend okay another Frazer is very useful and it's up everybody says that phrase is hasta manana see you tomorrow hasta mañana okay you can also accompany this with these words but if you just want to say on their own .

That's fine okay and what it's important to see here is that if you're going to say nos vemos just remember that that's inaccurate you're not specifying the time where you're going to see the other person but if you're saying nos vemos must are there later on mañana tomorrow or else the article el with the day of the week could be monday lunes Martez .

Miércoles jueves viernes sabado Domingo o el fin de semana the weekend now you're interested in learning the days of the week just look at look out for some more of my lessons where I explain that and well use one of these phrases I I think the more you know these prices and the better you try to memorize them so you're going to pick one you're going .

To feel more comfortable with one so just try to to memorize them and try to use them as much as you can just feel which one suits you right and which one you feel more comfortable with okay so I hope you enjoyed this lesson if you're interested in learning some more Spanish make sure you subscribe to my channel .

Butterfly Spanish and that's all for today adios
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