There's one thing I believe in this world it's that the chupacabra is real and he's hiding in our hair and I also if there are two things that I believe it's that we can learn so much from our children you know kids have an interesting take on just about anything they see things in a way that we as adults can you know we have prejudices .

We have preconceived notions we have all sorts of things like that so I recently sat down with a group of young people to ask them what the difference is between boys and girls this is something I've actually been wondering about for years and as you will see here I got some exceptionally enlightening answers what's the difference between a boy and .

A girl well boys like doing like rough sort of stuff and girls like doing kind of like kind and soft girls are gentle yeah and boys are vicious animals the girl thicker sometimes yeah um they're boys were yeah look at boys wear a yarmulke right and girls don't that's right you can tell by the Adam's apple because if they don't have Adam's apple .

Then it's a girl but if they do then it's a boy right that's absolutely right girls are like pink bullies don't sometimes boys like pink sometimes girls don't like pink right yeah girl shop a lot while you don't sometimes boys shop a lot though boys like to UM watch TV Ella and girls don't they don't I think some girls do yeah .

We could dance around this forever right yeah you are not yeah I know a way but I think it's really disturbing what is disturbing you know how you tell a boy a boy pup from a girl pup no when people hit their thing in between their legs you know how they say oh my nuts they are say me though whoa who said this I'm just trying to express oh what the .

Question okay no you go ahead again no what's the difference between a boy and a girl well I shouldn't say they're disturbing way but most girls have longer hair than boys 90% well done what is the difference between a boy and a girl what from the car that you're the little belt potty for example oh well tell us .

That for sure what is it it was weenus cute tip it was wieners penis Cupid stupid yeah is this a song no my friend we were finding funny runs oh that's a pretty funny one right so what's different about boys and girls yeah I'm a longer than and their privates are different the other called you differently penis .

In the dress finally some honesty
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