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Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter. Two or more atoms combine to form molecules.

The structure of an atom very closely resembles that of an egg. It has a nucleus in the middle like the yolk of an egg. This part is made up of positively charged protons and neutrally charged neutrons. Around the nucleus are negatively charged electrons like the white of an egg which rotate around the nucleus in fixed orbits.

The number of protons in an atom is known as the atomic number. Therefore if an atom has the atomic number 8 it means that there are 8 protons in the nucleus and that the atom is of the element Oxygen. You can also safely say that all oxygen atoms will have 8 protons.

When two or more atoms combine they give rise to a molecule. A molecule can be made up of many atoms of the same element as in the case of 2 oxygen atoms combining to form O2 or a combination of atoms of different elements where 2 hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form H2O (water). There are 112 elements known to man, so can you imagine the different permutations and combinations of molecules that can exist freely in nature or be synthesized in a laboratory?

Watch this animated video explaining the structure of an atom and how molecules are formed.

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What is an Atom and a Molecule – Science For Kids | Kids Education by Mocomi
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