Pipe bombs add a new dimension to the threat. Weasked Van Romero of New Mexico Tech University aboutthat. In a device like this, you don't have enough room to pack it with shrapnel, so the pipeitself is the shrapnel. While a pressure cooker bomb is packedwith shrapnel, in a pipe bomb there's not enough space. The pipe itself, is the shrapnel.l .

But less space means more pressure. Itssmaller, so there's less gun powder there, but it does abetter job of confining the pressure. In a Pipe bomb, pressures can build up a little bit higher and create higher velocity. “Stand by, charged” The best view is up close with the highspeed camera. This big piece, look how that tumbles as it comes out. That really is .

Lethal. The slow-motion reveals that althoughthe fireball is smaller, shrapnel from the pipe bomb is movingfaster than the pressure cooker bomb. But with less shrapnel, the pipe bomb does less overall damage. The larger the device, the more lethal. But, the danger with this is, it's easy to conceal. The pipe bomb may have less impact, but it is much .

Easier to hide.
In this web exclusive scene, science correspondent Miles O’Brien explains the difference between pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs, like the ones used at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Pipe bombs are much smaller so the pipe itself is the shrapnel. Less space means more pressure, and their size makes them easier to conceal.