Me llamo wanna tango treinta knows tengo dolor de cabeza hola in today's lesson you're going to learn five ways to use the verb tener okay there are many many useful phrases expressions vocabulary that with the verb tener that is very important in Spanish okay and today you're going to learn five ways of using and those have .

Those five ways are crucial to improve your Spanish and now let's move on and start with the first one and that's an easy one very easy let's to express your age okay yo tengo treinta aniele's how old are you cuantos anos tienes – yo tengo tren de a nose yo tengo treinta a nose to express h which means a de okay second .

Estados the animal states more or less or needs okay and this is tengo frío I am cold tengo Kyle or I am hot tengo hambre I am hungry tengo hambre tengo sed oh I am thirsty I am very thirsty tengo sed tengo sed I'm scared tengo miedo tengo miedo I'm scared okay tengo frío tengo Kyle or tengo hambre .

I'm hungry tengo sed I'm thirsty tengo miedo okay next one assets or property okay you're going to use the verb tener – to say your assets or your property Ami's tengo una casa I have a house then go on out oh oh in Mexico and Mexico for him blow we say gabbro okay Otto okay whatever you would like to use then go now top ten going caro tengo una .

Computadora no you're not thank when a computer tengo una Asia I have a daughter no I don't have a daughter but this is an example okay tengo una a ha then go Nijo I don't have an sound either but it's just for you to learn and express your belongings tengo dos he has okay so you have a una y huh one and .

One but more than one is dos tres cuatro and so on and then you have to make this plural okay so it's dos y has una y ha el hijo tres y hos cuatro y host maybe you have eight children or chiho's okay and you're going to use the verb tener sickness enfermedades and firm a dad this illnesses or sickness and for that .

You're going to use the verb tener then go dolor de cabeza what do you think that means I have a headache tengo dolor de cabeza tengo dolor de stoma tengo dolor de estomago okay Oh tengo dolor de s Paulo tengo Lord Espada I have a backache first tengo dolor de cabeza tengo dolor de estomago lourdes pal .

Okay there's more illnesses I just have had a space to write three but the illnesses are in general Express with the verb then there okay let's move on and go to the fifth one that's a funny one okay so for example in English you say oh today I feel like having some tacos okay Oh today I feel like having some spaghetti okay but .

Today I feel like going to the movie theater or today I feel like going to the Opera okay so then you're going to use tengo ganas de that's an expression I feel like having tengo ganas de plus infinitive oh and what is infinitive oh by the way that sounds very very scientific maybe infinity bow is the .

Base of the verb so for example so to walk to walk it's an infinitive but in Spanish as kameena remember is the very end with our air or if so for instance tengo ganas de el al cine to go to the movie theater tengo ganas de al cine tengo ganas de comer tacos si tengo ganas de comer tacos but tambien tengo ganas de tomar una cerveza I feel .

Like having appear tengo ganas de tomar una cerveza so memorize this tengo ganas de use the base of the Spanish verb here kameena tomar okay baby and you can say khmer tacos tomar cerveza tomar vino – drink wine okay something to remember here is I am using tango because I'm talking about myself about you okay but .

If you want to talk about other people or another person you have to know how to conjugate this right so you go to your list of verbs and then for you you use tango but for him or for her you use Tian okay so first use everything I say but with the proper verb it means with the verb that connects with the person .

You're talking about and if you're talking about yourself then just use what I say okay well I hope you enjoyed this lesson I know this lesson is a little bit more complicated but this is very useful because the Burton air is used it's very frequent in Spanish okay so try to memorize this to understand it and subscribe to my subscribe to my .

Channel that's a difficult one subscribe to my channel butterfly Spanish adios amigos
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