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Biology Help: Diffusion and Osmosis explained in 5 minutes!!
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43 thoughts on “Biology Help: Diffusion and Osmosis explained in 5 minutes!!”
  1. This video makes sense for me.i have watch many videos regarding this topic but cant grasp them.but finally got a video which is simple and understandable.thank you

  2. Could you help me understand how Osmosis works within the context of Brining a piece of meat? Shouldn't the water in the animal cells go in the direction of being high in water concentration to lower in the brine? and yet the process is successfully used in practice to marinate and moisten the meat. How so?

  3. You didn't have time to include it, but the area of the semi-permeable membrane also is a factor in the rate of osmosis (in addition to the temperature, concentration gradient, and the distance for the molecules to travel which you mentioned).

  4. My text & professor teaches where there’s an area of high concentration of solute is where the water will most likely travel towards. In other words water will travel from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration to create equilibrium.

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