Ever wondered what the heck an Acid or Base actually is? Were you ever super confused in high school or college chemistry? I’ve got a nice surprise for you guys in this video series. It’s a little different than my usual videos, and I hope you all like the new direction I’m trying to take my videos. Enjoy and tell me what you think ;).

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●Part 1- What The Heck is an Acid or Base – http://youtu.be/kPd_OZ1t_aY
●Part 2- Inductive/Electronegative Effect -http://youtu.be/zpNTQO19KvU
●Part 3- Size of Bonding Atoms Effect -http://youtu.be/wDrFirhlg6Y
●Part 4- Delocalization/ Resonance Effect -http://youtu.be/XJkvtuIHLhI

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Acids + Bases Made Easy! Part 1 – What the Heck is an Acid or Base? – Organic Chemistry
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