Ever wondered what the heck an Acid or Base actually is? Were you ever super confused in high school or college chemistry? I’ve got a nice surprise for you guys in this video series. It’s a little different than my usual videos, and I hope you all like the new direction I’m trying to take my videos. Enjoy and tell me what you think ;).

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●Part 1- What The Heck is an Acid or Base – http://youtu.be/kPd_OZ1t_aY
●Part 2- Inductive/Electronegative Effect -http://youtu.be/zpNTQO19KvU
●Part 3- Size of Bonding Atoms Effect -http://youtu.be/wDrFirhlg6Y
●Part 4- Delocalization/ Resonance Effect -http://youtu.be/XJkvtuIHLhI

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Acids + Bases Made Easy! Part 1 – What the Heck is an Acid or Base? – Organic Chemistry
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40 thoughts on “Acids + Bases Made Easy! Part 1 – What the Heck is an Acid or Base? – Organic Chemistry”
  1. Thank you for this! There are soooo many videos for gen chem but so few for ochem. I'm so happy to find something that isn't someone racing through an explanation (or isn't my Chemistry professor's lectures which are, well…)

  2. My friend could you tell me why then we say that NaOH is a base !
    I mean how could it accept proton while actually Na+ is positive ! Or may this happen by OH- negative ?
    That's completely confusing me how we call HCl an acidic negatively-charged molecule …while actually Cl- negative is a basic substance that accept H+ proton …thank you.

  3. Too many jokes for an overly stressed out stundent having a mental breakdown (ugly crying) trying to understand the basics of this (failing) an hour before a test, but writing this youtube comment instead.

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