Welcome to butterflies Spanish hola me llamo Ana and in today's lesson we're going to learn how to order in a restaurant okay and I do this because a lot of tourists go on vacation everywhere and sometimes they don't know how to order in Spanish and even though they can get through it with like a little bit of English here a little bit .

Of English there a little bit of Spanish I want you to be able to order in Spanish and get what you want so we're going to start and we're going to start with the drinks because usually a server asks first for what would you like to drink or are you ready to order and sometimes most people order drinks first so a server might ask you okay ba you at .

Tomar but maybe she or he sees a group and she's gonna say Gabe and because it's you plural right Gabe and a tomar okay now this is one way this server might act like this is a way of asking what would you like to drink there's plenty of ways to ask what would you like to drink in Spanish but this is a very popular one and you can hear like .

The verb tomar to drink okay so then you have occlude old drink spirits right okay back at DOMA okay 1 Utama okay and then you can go to the answer and you can say Hierro una botella de agua I did the translation would be like I would like a bottle of water now if you see the verb quiero from career it's not I would like literally but in Spanish we .

Use the verb care to order we don't usually use the word me gustaría which is literally I would like right and in English you say I want a bottle of water people might think you're rude you're being rude but in Spanish they don't think that because after saying this you're going to say por favor okay so just remember generally we use .

The variegated to order instead of I'd like to want and not I would like to okay so you can say I would like a bottle of water which is quiero una botella de agua or I would like a coffee quiero un cafe maybe you want a coffee with milk quiero own cafe con leche maybe you would like a glass of wine quiero una .

Copa de vino now this class right plus could be Basso too but when you're talking about wine you always say Coppa know ambassador vino a glass of wine is specifically una Copa de vino could be red Tinto red Tinto nor oh-ho in Spanish es Tinto una Copa de vino Tinto like my church oh I would like a glass of white wine quiero una .

Copa de vino Blanco por favor okay always eileen por favor to be nice maybe you don't feel like having alcohol that day and it's better to have an orange juice and you can say quiero una Google Google juice de nada ha which is literally like juice of orange orange juice who got the net I have but you could be who go the Manzana or the fur .

You like okay and the fur that is on the drinks money of course okay so now we're going to go to the next and that's the like that that children all wrong because of ways you're going to eat so why would you like to eat Kaiba Aquaman or what would you guys like to .

Eat Gabe and Aquaman okay so the answer will be zero the very first person Joe quiero joke hierro from Kadesh okay and then you say whatever is on the menu to make it easy ghetto or huevos rancheros right okay tow tacos de pollo whatever you feel like having maybe a bamboo Desiree .

Yellow and what you would like to pick from the menu the verb get it and then at the end poor power okay next one then you imagine that you will you're finished you're full you're finished now you need to pay how do you ask for the bill so there's two ways if you're in a restaurant sitting restaurant you might like to have to ask your server la .

Cuenta por favor you don't say megusta a la cuenta I would like the bill you just say la cuenta por flower children or he brings the bill la cuenta por favor this is bill okay the bill please sure but if you're not in the sitting restaurant is like a more like informal ambience and you just want to pay you .

Can just ask the server how much is it which is quanto s quanto s how much is it okay and then do not forget to leave a tip blue pin okay don't forget to leave a tip that's not nice now I already told you all this with quiero and they were Kadare but there is a way and I find it the best way but you have to follow some rules for this way I'm .

Going to teach you if you're not alone if you're with more people at least one more you're more than one two three four because they are going to order – okay instead of quiero you are going to say para me which is literally for me and I know in English like I don't think a person was at all for me that's not like .

The common way of ordering food but in Spanish it is any worse it just like you can if you're alone and you're ordering and you say part of me it was the other person next to you right that's not right so yourself to say but on me okay maybe you want to be nice or your friend or someone to order and you can say para el for him or para el yeah if you're .

Going to place his or her order okay so this is a very good way just remember it has to be more than one okay more than one but on me and then you order whatever is from the list from the menu para me para él para edge' okay now a lot of people orders like this may boost idea on by so Divino it I .

Don't think that's incorrect it's just it's a little literal translation of I would like but in Spanish is not an idiomatic expression most Spanish speakers don't say it don't say it don't order like that like my boo stereo and basudev mean people do that because of I would like to but it's not idiomatic so I think you should use either quiero if .

It's you most of all if you were alone and you say quiero and if it's more than one they should say para me and it sounds very natural okay and then always a poor flower and grass yes and gracias for watching this lesson I hope you learned and you have any questions just type your questions on my channel and I'll get back to you as soon .

As I get a chance thanks for watching my lesson and all free lessons and don't forget to subscribe to my channel butterflies Spanish adios amigos buena suerte
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