This video introduces the definition of Velocity. It also walks through a simple, introductory average velocity example problem. At the end it defines speed and discusses the difference between speed and velocity.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Velocity Definition
2:12 Velocity has both Magnitude and Direction
3:06 Example Problem
8:41 Speed Definition
9:15 Differences between Speed and Velocity
11:00 Outtakes

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Introduction to Velocity and Speed and the differences between the two.
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25 thoughts on “Introduction to Velocity and Speed and the differences between the two.”
  1. i have a doubt, you said that speed and magnitude of velocity will be equal only if the object travels in a straight line but if an object moves in a straight line and then returns back to its initial position then its velocity will be zero as its displacement is zero but then its speed won't be zero yeah ?

  2. This video is so perfectly understandable ! I do have a question but this is not accordance with this video..what is actually initial velocity ( ik this is quite easy kind of question but i do wanna understand ) can u please help me out ? Suppose for an example , a body is thrown with an initial velocity of 10 m/s . Is this velocity obtained just after throwing or was it already 10 m/s ? And again when it is said that initial velocity is 0 ! What does this mean again ? What actually is initial velocity ? I have got several minute misconceptions like this related to physics ! Can u please help me out ?

  3. 1:20 AP environmental science spoiled me. We had next to no math, so ,when we did, even our teacher would do this. It's worth having to break that habit for this year for the double periods of doing nothing but splashing around in a creek for an hour and a half every few weeks

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