Ola welcome to butterfly Spanish me llamo Ana and in today's lesson we're going to learn the vowels and their sounds in Spanish this video is part of a series so if you haven't watched the one on letters and sounds in Spanish please please watch it first okay well let's start so in Spanish the name was five Cinco vocalist vowels Cinco .

Vocalist and very important Cinco so needles five sounds cinco vocalist Cinco so needles so I found up maybe a funny way of learning these vowels okay because they are very easy we have five vowels five sounds very easy so I wrote this because it's pretty much the sound it explains very well the sound of the vowel in Spanish and it's used in .

English and we're going to learn that way and it's very practical well when empezamos ah come on ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is funny because in English they use the H in Spanish which is the Jota ha ha ha ha Shh hey hey hey hey hey hey e hehehehe oh ha ha ha ha come on Santa Claus oh ho ho oh I don't have the hoo hoo hoo we should .

Introduce it but now that doesn't exist so Oh as in who go who know Julio oh come on an English will be like oh oh ok ah a e oh oh ah a/e oh oh very well now we're going to take a look to some of the important ones and then like people make most more mistakes with this ones is that E and espanol e okay because in English they .

Say e this is the e but in Spanish they E is e this is a a e now please don't don't confuse these sounds ah a 800 a e when I just started speaking Spanish in North America I they used to tell me okay how do you spell it e e e and I was e-e-e writing this e because in English this is e but in Spanish this is e a e very important now .

This e is like the one with a fork with the way with this word Beach this is the you use Beach that's the e in Spanish e P Beach no you know there's a difference between these e these are and this e Beach now the Spanish one is this one Beach P E okay all night you got a headache already about this that was anyway so very important don't .

Mistake this vowels a e okay very now we're going to take a look to some words that have the vowels together and there for that reason they're a little bit a little difficult to pronounce with pas Ajay bhaiya aye-aye poeta poet poeta Oh poeta oh eh oh eh taw piernas this is a good one piernas ii a .

Piernas pea stone pedestrian ii ah pea tone yeah queer no horn Oh a queer no Oh a curio so look at your Korea's good yo so yo yo I owe a yeah Oh a yeah cool very important don't confuse the a and the e and the ah and the Oh a ah Oh see – my mouse can chase ah .

A e Oh ooh acid slow slowly it's kind of closing okay the first vowels are very open ah like hahaha hey hey hey she he he ho ho ho and make it okay well I hope you enjoyed this lesson this lesson is very important the vowels are very important in Spanish as vocalist Oh .

Muy muy importantes in espanol because a lot of consonants a lot of other letters are going to take different sounds depending on what a vowel is followed okay well I hope you enjoyed this lesson this is part of a series on letters and sounds in Spanish you haven't watched the other lessons please take a look at my other videos on samsung letters in .

Spanish and nos vemos in the next video adios
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