Learn the secret between Digital that people don’t like to talk about at parties. Just what is it and how does it compare to Analog? We’ll take a look using Clocks!

Links mentioned in video:
AddOhms Episode 5: http://www.addohms.com/ep5
Adafruit ADXL377 Breakout board: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1413
Arduino (In case you need it): http://www.arduino.cc

Twitter: @addohms

Difference between Analog and Digital Signals | AddOhms #6
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20 thoughts on “Difference between Analog and Digital Signals | AddOhms #6”
  1. What about analog clocks in which the second hand moves every second? the second hand doesnt move continuously, it stops every second… soo this should be a digital?

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