Ola welcome to water flies Spanish me llamo Ana and in today's lesson vamos a aprender we are going to learn the letter la letra hey la letra hey okay well the letter G has different sounds depending on what is the vowel that is coming after the G so we're going to go first to all all the combinations that we can find and then .

We're going to make some conclusions and we're going to understand this strange character from the Spanish alphabet okay for now vamos a empezar la hey hey e AA s Gaston Gaston hey II a s Janeiro Janeiro hey and E is Kira Seoul hey E Oh s Gordo Oh Gorda hey e OS good too right .

That's a very strange word but go to that from your throat guttural okay e o is good to rap but there's something funny here a lot of the times the letter G to you and another vowel makes a different sound and what is it hmm let's investigate this hey plus o plus a hmm Guerra war Gaza see gay trap k+ e k+ o + e guitarra tingling guitarra tart .

Guitarra very good now Guerra Katara pero very Enza linguistic ax Pinguino burg whens ax was like all covered when size / embarrassment campaign covered when sir what embarrassment embarrassment shame no shame is more Penna very wednesday's embarrassment bear Gwen sir linguistic ax .

Pinguino oh it changes say well why well I know why because the vowel o la Oh after G and after Q is Guerrero I guess so the vowel after these two letters these two consonants oh it's silent it doesn't have a sound get letter guess oh oh but if you see this – funny dance .

That is a Pierre ASIS oh that's a queer name Pierre a C's this is an art be a racist oh then it has a sound bear Kwanzaa but Guerrero nowhere arrow no quest queso Guerrero Guerra guitarra hmm Pinguino penguin Pinguino if we don't let cuido so now do you understand it is very easy you just .

Have to see if it has the U has a the heiress's then it has a sound the ooh but if it doesn't have a the heiress's is silent salen guerrero caso Guerra Katara Oh bear when's ax linguistica widow unless you see that the heiress's you don't pronounce that you okay well let's review just quickly gato Janeiro hit a .

Soul Gordo good to ride gay trap guitarra / Kwanzaa linguistic ax Guido do you see how depending on the vowel that is following the letter hey the sound changes this is gato Gordo good to ride but this is hey hey very good so in this case the head has a character if it's with a roll if it with .

The a and with the O or with the you it has another character if it's the you and the a the O and the e and it's got a different character if it's with the e and with the a it has different sounds sometimes is ahead a gato and sometimes is like heavy Janero Capaldi hacer Jota here the sound is like hey Jota here the Sun .

Is gotto go and hey go and hit very good well I hope you enjoyed this lesson please if you liked the lesson subscribe to my channel butterfly Spanish and just remember that this video is part of a series on letters and sounds in Spanish so if you haven't watched the video on letters and sounds please take a look at it .

And I will see you in my next video adios
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