Difference Between Inverter And Non Inverter Air Conditioner AC
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LG Inverter V Air Conditioner Review

Difference Between Inverter And Non Inverter Air Conditioner AC
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38 thoughts on “Difference Between Inverter And Non Inverter Air Conditioner AC”
  1. Inverter compressors do not like GFI receptacles. Inverters have a issue with the ground load tripping the relay on GFI. Other than that they run quite and efficiently. I just replaced a dustless AC 9000 btu in my house that was 12 years old that drew 9 amps. The new inverter ductless is 12000 btu and draws 4 to 6 amps.

  2. Fooling yourself man ! this is a simulation and obviously fake ! Put two energy meters and do a real test. The non inverter AC will stop and consume about 40W for the indoor unit while the inverter type will continue consuming 300W on low speed even if the room has cooled sufficiently and keeps running 300W for hours, while the other compressor is relaxed and in off condition.
    How much does it cost to get an inverter repaired compared to a normal one ?
    Bring real figures to Youtube, not everyone is stupid in this world !

  3. Inverter AC do not cool immediately, it takes some time to achieve the desired temperature, but it will maintain that same temperature because the compressor do not switch off but runs at lesser power.

  4. Inverter air conditioned is not good,
    Maintenance charges high in inverter a/c (more spare parts & sensors)
    Spare parts rate very high for inverter ac (cross check in spare parts shops)
    Only 30unit per year power consumption.

  5. Don't fall for this marketing deception. I speak from experience because I have this Inverter AC. It doesn't cool faster than a conventional compressor. It is actually much slower because the compressor starts at a slow speed then increases in speed not the other way around. More importantly, its cooling performance is lower than that of a normal AC.

  6. well, I think power consumption for both is almost the same because non inverter runs approximately for 60-70% time at maximum power while inverter runs for 100% time at a lower power. Hence if little bit energy saving occurs but it takes at least a decade to balance the immense capital cost of inverter ac in case ac is working only for 3-4 months per year

  7. This checking meter or long speech for favor in inverter AC is totally super flop because inverter AC is not good for coustmers pocket high maintenance & long waiting time for companies technicians after 1 year warranty expired your expenses start for inverter AC only purchase non inverter AC

  8. which one is powerful sir., energy i dont need., powerful motor is required for the product utility we buy should be fulfilled., for e.g., inverter vs., non inverter washing machine, ac etc.

    for washing machine., motor power should be good., for washing clothes, and ac to drive cooling.

    reply waiting sir.

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