This Video explains Core Java – Collection Framework | Differences between Comparable and Comparator. Training Tutorial delivered by our Trainer Durga Sir.
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Topic : Differences between Comparable and Comparator
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Differences between Comparable and Comparator
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26 thoughts on “Differences between Comparable and Comparator”
  1. After watching these collections videos my whole concept is very much crystal clear.thank you sir! please upload map videos also.. waiting for maps lecture..i visit everyday for maps lecture.

  2. i am from delhi and i watch all of his video at 2x speed and still i am able to understand. All these videos were really helpful and one can easily see how much effort he puts in while teaching. Keep the good work up sir!!!

  3. tq sir.i attended ur all session lyk servlet and jsp.bt my bed luck i m nt able to attend ur core java session.i just compleated whole java durgasoft and seraching job..really u r grt.specially one thing i learned except from java.durga sir anytym whatever the situation he is alwys smiling.really its grt thing .really sir in second word u r almost god …tq sir .

  4. sir i saw all the videos , your explanation amazing ,. i can't say something but how easily did you explained this very hard topic for beginner, you explained each topic from 'base to deep' you are great , lovely, and lots of thank to you . God bless you..

  5. You are doing a great service sir. Thanks a ton!!
    QQ: When 'MyComparator' class implements the Comparator interface, why is JVM NOT asking to define the equals() method inherited to MyComparator class and why is it asking to define only the compare() method? Please help me in understanding this. Thanks in advance!!

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