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Difference Between Structure and Union in C (HINDI)
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44 thoughts on “Difference Between Structure and Union in C (HINDI)”
  1. The first thing which has been wrongly explained here is the memory allocation of structure where without using the keyword "packed", he has allocated a continuous memory to the structure.
    PS: Do take a note of this.

  2. Sry to say but structure ki size uske member ke size ke barabar nahi ho skti hai. jada ho skti hai kuki waha pe kuchh space unused hote hai. Bs isse karan se do structure variables ke biche comparison operators ka use nhi kr skte kuki unke biche memory space differnt hota hai

  3. Sir thanku so much for that video
    Main abhi o level ki preparation kr rhi hu sir but c m bht problem hori thi but ab topic clear ho gye ..and mne only apki videos se preparation ki h..thanku sir

  4. Sir here the size of the structure is 16 bytes. i.e 4 words. and not 12 bytes. The 4 words are divided as below
    int roll_no will be stored in the 1 word i.e 4 bytes.
    char name[10] will be stored in 3 words i.e 12 bytes.
    To understand this further refer to the structure padding concept in C.

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