In some cases where the direct comparison test is inconclusive, we can use the limit comparison test. Learn more about it here.

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Limit comparison test | Series | AP Calculus BC | Khan Academy
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  2. What is this called? Calculus?
    The doctor treating me now says I have a tumor on the right side of my brain but that makes no sense because I've never felt pain on the right side, only on the left. He's got me all confused. I've always been left-handed and used my right brain side more than the left and now he's telling me they found a hemangioma on the right side. 
    When you do math you use the left side of your brain, which always hurts when I use it too much. I've never felt a headache on the right side of my head, only the left. That's what makes me think is the reason I'm so lousy at math.

  3. Jesus man you're fucking awesome. Theres a lot of other good teachers on youtube, like professor leonard, and partcikjmt and such, but the one thing about your teaching is that you get the point across quickly. I dont have to spend 2.5 hours watching a whole lecture, or 6-7 different videos. You give us the theorems, maybe an example here and there, in like a 6 minute video. Thanks khan academy. Ya'll know whats up

  4. helloo,

    your tutorials are amaazzinnggg 😀

    the only thing that I fail to understand is when do we know when to put n=1 or n=0 below the sigma notation…

    Can somebody please explain it to me 🙂

    Thanks in advance:)

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