Hola como estan me llamo Ana and welcome to butterfly Spanish and in today's lesson we're going to learn how to talk about yourself how to describe yourself right you wanna say I am tall I have brown eyes I have blue eyes I am short I am fat I am thin I am slender I whatever you want to say about you my eyes are green my eyes are blue my eye .

Whatever you want to show up about yourself you're going to learn it oh okay why not and to start our lesson first we're going to learn what are what we're going to learn the verbs that you're going to use to describe yourself and then with this those words we're going to learn how to use them with these words or with .

The other words or with nails and adjectives and all the headache that you might get speaking of Spanish grammar but this is going to be very easy so stay with me and let's learn not together because I already know it but you have to learn okay bueno empezamos and balance and peace are the two verbs you're going to use to describe yourself .

Are tan tan tan tan ser and then there huh where are those verbs in English well say is the verb to be like hot like gave me a lot of headaches when I was learning that verb to be eaten air is to have that didn't really give me a lot of headaches what this said eat then a whole well let's start with say why not say as you remember there is an .

Irregular verb Oh what does that mean well it just means that for every person it is conjugated the verb is different for instance is yo soy tu eres el es el es usted es nosotros somos ustedes son and your son yes son ah yeah it changes with almost all of them but it's easy usually when you're .

Describing yourself you're just gonna use yo I Joe I may be you're describing your friend to your other friend so you're going to use el or you're describing describing desk Libby your girlfriend – no BIA and it's her cheek okay and let's start so sir sir + + adjective adjective with a see here I see Sarah + adjective well what's an .

Adjective well adjective is a quality a quality that describes yourself what's your quality Oh you're fat you're thin you're slender you're short you're tall you're handsome you're ugly put your quality that's an adjective the quality of the noun what's the noun the .

Noun is the object the thing the person the name we understand so the adjective is the quality that the person you're describing has so if you say I am I'm saying soy yo soy but remember because I don't have to say yo soy because the Jo the soy sorry implies that is yo okay if I say soy I'm not talking about she but Barbara she about a heat yo but you .

Don't need it because the very implies a person soy haben what's haben young haben young it's not job and remember the sound of the day haben sounds like an H in English haben sie haben tu eres Gordo you're fat – LS Gordo no you're a woman you are your woman two areas Gorda to ALS Delgado .

Ustedes Delgado a Elia s del gah dah soy Alta I'm not tall I'm sure so Baja Mexico we say soy Chiapas Rita Oh chop Alito if it's a man or a woman chopped Arita chop Alito and as you can see they all change gender right so it depends on whether or not you're talking about a female or a male feminine or masculine noun so you say about feminine .

Is they got that but if you're talking about a man Delta doe dance with oh and with a Delgado delgada what's the equivalent to English Oh thin slender okay unlike fat some people are fat some people are thin I am thin iving oh I being always thin right my mother wanted me to gain weight but I .

Couldn't because I'm saying but some people are fat that by the way fat like maybe is like I don't know if it's rude in English in Spanish it's normal to say like oh he's fat like Ellis Gordo yes Gorda the way the Y is there's nothing like like nothing strange about it in English I thing is like some like you have to say in secret .

I don't know some cultural thing ah well now I lost track because I forgot to put the thin but Delgado is thin anyway now let's move on to the second verb tener oh well then there is used to describe the parts of your body for instance you can like with ser we describe ourselves we waive the qualities but the .

Person what wasn't now what was the object we were describing me or you right I am sure I am tall you are thin you are short to Chaparro chapada please Gordo Gordo Delgado Delgada but then there actually doesn't take us and now he takes the putt part of your body you're describing okay you're not the object the object are the part of the .

Body you're talking about for instance if I say my eyes are black I'm not talking I'm talking about myself but I'm talking specifically about my eyes oh my face is round okay my nose is big and so on so for that you're going to use the net which is almost a regular verb except for the fact that it goes a tango your tango .

Your tango my hair my hair is brown yo tengo el cabello castaño it's like brown cast on yo tengo el cabello cast on yo huh but maybe my hair is kind of it's not curly my hair is sometimes it's sometimes um short sometimes long sometimes curly sometimes straight depend depending how I do it .

Tengo el caballo Prasad or asado means curly well curly means basado Rosato means curly tengo el cabello Lozado tengo el cabello corto short tengo el cabello Largo long you're a woman you might like very book it's very very likely you're going to have long you're a man very likely you're going to have short hair there are differences of .

Course I'm not generalizing I never generalize in my course because language and things change some people instead of cavae do say pelo but in Mexico I say we say cabbage oh and pillow is more for like animals or like something like that so you can use either or depends al kaba yo Chino curly ruble asado Chino .

Curly Rubio blonde am i blonde no no so it rubia ah mica bed yo noise Rubio is cast on yo yours might be Rubio may be blonde blonde brown black okay now my face Cara la cara tengo la cara redonda i have a round face tengo la cara oval odda i have an oval face tengo la cara quad .

Radha I have a square face like spongebob tengo la cara lar god I wonder like no no face tengo la cara tengo la cara al are gada redundant quad Radha o balada okay and now los ojos los ojos de que calor son tus ojos but color your eyes de que calor son tus ojos tengo los ojos Negros tengo los ojos Verdes tengo los ojos murad owes purple tengo los .

Ojos Amarillo's yellow a tu tienes los ojos Verdes green tu tienes los ojos azules you blue eyes or to TNA stead state tiene los ojos Krakow's if you have red eyes oh I don't know why what do you do what were you doing so you have red eyes Yo no tengo los ojos no tengo los ojos Negros a lot of people tell me people .

Cannot have black eyes they can just have brown eyes for some scientific things or I don't know I think I have black guys but they say no they are brown okay cafes Negros cafe okay cafes cafe neighbors okay now we learn this so for some characteristics characteristic as you use said for some others you use .

Tener soy ah tango soy II tango and now we're going to use hard you can ask it is Alto it is bajo it is Alta your woman it is baja question mark is dead is TNS TNS los ojos azules do you have blue eyes tiene los ojos azules no I have brown eyes no tengo los ojos cafes okay it way no how are you what's your appearance como eres .
What's your appearance mr. como es usted como eres you informal casual friendly como es usted you formal polite okay well I hope this is clear I wrote some rules for you to learn you can maybe have a notebook in your notes write them is there is use plus an adjective describes the quality your quality as you the person I am sure I am I am tall .

I am fat I am thin etc and then air plus an article but you might want to see other lessons on articles in laughs and so on loss last the part of the body you're describing nose mouth eyes ears or a has ojos Boca Nadi's Messi yes Mexico we say catch a tease and what off oh yeah oh don't get distracted Ana and adjectives .

But an adjective the quality of a noun a person a thing okay whatever we're talking about oh and I think I didn't forget anything I hope I hope you understand me my understood my lesson because I was very clear that's an eye if you like my lesson and you want to learn espanol pronto pronto rapido subscribe to my channel butterfly .

Spanish and learn math español para que tal de vacaciones ah so you can go on vacation subscribe to my channel butterfly Spanish adios hasta mañana hasta luego bye
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