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In this lesson you will learn how to make comparisons with as…as…

You will learn how to use:

& as…adv…as…

Also, it covers complement patterns after the second ‘as’, using similes with as…as…, and the most common errors made by students.


English Grammar: As…As…Comparisons with Adjectives, Nouns and Adverbs
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28 thoughts on “English Grammar: As…As…Comparisons with Adjectives, Nouns and Adverbs”
  1. I learned from the video that we use as + adjective / adverb + as to make comparisons when the things we are comparing are the same in some way

    As … as + possibility

    usually expressions of possibility or ability are used after like … like:

    Can you come as soon as possible?

    Go to all the places you can.

    As much as, as many as

    When we want to make comparisons regarding quantity, we use as much as with uncountable nouns and as many as with plural nouns:

    Greg makes as much money as Mick but not as much as Neil.

  2. 1- John is as clever as his grandfather.
    2- Mariana has as much news as a presenter on TV.
    3- Baghdad has twice as many skyscrapers as in Cairo .
    4- John speaks as fluently as a native speaker
    5- Romeo is acting as oddly as Psychos
    6- He plays Piano as professionally as he was at 10 years old .

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