Learn about polymers by heating different food!

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Thermosets and Thermoplastics
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49 thoughts on “Thermosets and Thermoplastics”
  1. how would you shape a thermoset, if it burns once it is heated. would injection moulding not be used as it requires the pellets to be heated before being injected into a mould, any help would be great

  2. I appreciate that you took the time to make a real video presentation, using real video of real objects, including real handwritten whiteboard text. It is also very understandable for ordinary people. Thank you!

  3. are you kidding me??! who cooks an egg like that! it looked like a pancake it looked disgusting and I nearly vomited ew ew ew ewe eeweeeeeew ew

  4. Wow, Very clear explanation, id like to ask you one long questions regarding the MEDICAL ADHESIVE COMPOSITION, please could you leave me your email to contact you. thank you.

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