Ola welcome to butterfly Spanish in today's lesson we're going to learn the verb gustar to like yo me if you want to know what I'm saying yeah me you have to finish watching this lesson because it's related to this verb okay well we're going to learn this verb today the verb gustar to like and so why is good star why does good star require a particular .

Lesson why isn't it part of all the thousands of verbs we have in Spanish well it's a very particular verb and it belongs to a certain type types of verbs star doler Inc and our guide bien all those words are in a category because they function in certain way that is very easy you just have to learn how and why and that's what I'm going to teach .

You let's look at the boy i insane Yosh when albert bell very vocal star M is the verb to like and for example in English when I say oh I like flowers I like to go to the movies I like to go for a walk I like to go to the park and so many things I can say whatever well when I quit when you learn Spanish then you learn i jo u – and so automatically .

You think yo gusta la la playa you Wooster tomar cafe no no don't say that no never okay because even though I in English is you're in Spanish and you in English is – in Spanish and he in English is L in Spanish and so on we do not use those pronounced with the verb gustar why well .

It's a complete complex business but I'm going to try to explain it explain it to you we don't use these personal pronouns we use the indirect personal pronouns which are those well I wrote them in on the board parity yo I'm not going to say your gusta oh no no no never megastar to gusta no they gusta la gusta .

He likes she likes you the formal usted are likes lake gusta we like nos gusta nosotros gusta no NOS ghost ax vosotros i don't really use this pronoun because I am from Mexico but in Spain they say Porsha toes autos gustan las patatas thus we start a booster let's go Stella's Papa's I would say we're in Spain say hasta las patatas use ghost ax .

Less de mail they female who stay this you plural gusta okay so first thing you learn you don't use the personal pronouns go to el el yeah nosotros steadies Passat rose ellos ellas steadies I already said boosters I forgot one step you don't use those pronouns with the value stack which ones do you use I cannot hear you .

The indirect pronouns which are may day lip nose oz in Spain less Latin America and this is just from Spain so you learn that part first very good now we're going to go to the second part now we know and we have very clear that we don't use the personal pronoun co2 etc now we won't make that mistake now we do not will not make that mistake .

Now we're going to go to the second part me gusta ha megusta why are they different it is very easy I'm going to teach you this first and I'm going to go to some rules afterwards okay megusta me gusta why am I using these two types of of verbs oh well because if I say megusta I can say me gusta el árbol I like the .

Tree may gustan las palomas I like popcorn well first of all popcorn in Spanish is plural palo Mitas that's in Spanish in Mexico me gustan las palomas me gusta el arco what is the difference here well until on in this example this is singular this is plural so if I say for example me gustan los árboles Megu stan los .

árboles árboles trees many more than one are boy one for one me gusta for more than one goostin muy bien ha pero de Worcester and Masayo you like the museum for how about you in general like the museum's and tonsure says they would stand close more sales they would stand with the end to make it plural because this verb it's .

Connected to the noun to the thing the object that you're talking about sorry I just had something stranger leg usted and Peppino he or she or stead le gusta el Peppino cucumber he or she who stead likes cucumber one right wouldn't be but maybe you say he/she whatever likes dogs oh then you're going to put an end because the word the term you're using .

It's an object thing animal person that is in plural right you see plural now we're going to go next nos gusta el vino we like wine nos gusta el vino because it's a plural word fixed singular word vino singular nice goostin lastly the bases plural last services beers also gusta la playa I don't have .

Anything to say about that I don't really use that pronoun so I'm going to keep going with the one side I used it works in the same way singular and plural for example augusten las manzanas OS gustan las manzanas les gusta la casa les gusta la casa de like the house but maybe they like the houses les gustan las Casas .

Don't forget the N the N and or no n it depends if the thing person animal now that is called now in the scientific words I connected they say me gusta one and Magoo Stan more than one and let's keep going now we're going to go here so far you have learned that you have to use the indirect pronouns not the personal pronouns and that depending .

On the thing animal person etc or the noun you're using you have to use gusta or gustan depending on the word that is coming after is singular or plural now you're going to learn know you you don't know ways talk about a thing or an animal or like you don't talk about the house or the table you know an object sometimes you talk about verbs you talk .

About actions or sometimes you talk about things you do that's why these birds is just for right like to express your likes your dislikes your preferences so let's go to some rules that will help you improve your vocabulary and your grammar in Spanish now what happens here we have said that nows objects right thanks now let's stay .

There and let's go to the other topic infinitive what it's an infinitive a very an infinitive infinity bow is for example to like to kiss to walk you're not conjugating the verb for a person is like the natural the base form of the verb now in Spanish those verbs are like the base forms are for example the ones that end with our air ear 1st .

2nd and 3rd conjugation for example visa as well as come besides to kiss come Enid is to walk that's an infinitive coming up beside it's as if you were saying to kiss to walk comment to eat that's an infinitive comment because ends with F maybe that's an infinitive if those are the three categories in .

Spanish verbs are a tear coming up baby be beer or a those are the three infinitives now what am I saying this nonsense well it makes sense because you can say megusta la casa I like the house me gustan las Casas I like the houses but you can also say megusta come in ash I like to work you have to use an .

Infinitive after the verb gustar me gusta coming up me gusta con men I like to walk I like to eat megusta baby I like to live my gustibus are I like to kiss maybe you like to kiss okay so these are the infinitives very good so not only we can use an object we call it a noun an object a thing an animal a person after the verb gustar we can also .

Use over and there are some rules that we know rules but very very specific forms in which sometimes we use these this verb for example when you say megusta you can talk about food alimentos I like potatoes my gustan las Papa's in Spain they say potatoes for example me gustan las potatoes me gustan las bebidas I like vebber chose me .

Gustan los Deportes I like sports but you can also say megusta Eric or red I like to go running I like to go running so you say me gusta ear eared ever hear a corner megusta ear a
h come in ah I like to go running and I like to go walking sometimes this verb it's an infinity right here sometimes we say I like to go .

Shopping me gusta salir salir de compras me gusta salir salir de la casa I like to leave the house I'm gusta salir de la casa every day me gusta de Paseo I like to go for a stroll Paseo first stroll around the houses and the nice Street I really like to go the Paseo once in a while .

Maybe once a week me gusta Aida caminar I like to walk and enjoy the evening when it's raining and it's pretty megusta a trabajar I like to go to work maybe you don't like to go to work pero me gusta ear a trabajar do you see this you can use this verb plus the preposition are and they vary in infinitive trabajar instead of saying .

When you when you when the action is coming after when you like something when you expressing something you like to do I like to offer a walk I like to go for a stroll I like to go running I like to go biking all those things you can build them with this me gusta ich ah me gusta it al cine I like to go to the movies is that clear .

Well I hope it is clear there there is more coming so just take a little break that's enough and let's go to the second part the other part sometimes it's not enough to say megusta tegu stay leg uste nos gusta sometimes you need some words to emphasize what you're saying and how do you do that well you're going to use the indirect objects in a more .

A clear way for example when you want to F this is obligatory right this pronounced indirect pronouns are obligatory for the value stack these are optional and is when you want to emphasize that is to you to him to them to us for example and me and me with an accent mark a me me gusta la playa I like to go to the beach I am just .

Emphasizing and me because maybe I'm in a group of people and I just say I mean I can say for example a T the gusta is the Paseo do you like to go for a walk is like to you you like to go for a walk al Edea or outstep a via the gustan las Flores she likes flowers but in Spanish if you want to emphasize that is to her not to the other person next to her when .

You want to emphasize a person then you use the indirect pronouns in this way and me me at t de al oh yeah Oh al stead lay a nosotros NOS abbas otras cosas que es la adios now stay this less to you say both yes you do say both we like to be repetitive we like to talk I like to talk you all have to stop me because I just keep rowing so I don't .

What I'm telling you is use these ones optional they are optional to emphasize but these are obligatory because you use these indirect pronouns to use this verb gustar order now we're going to go to some examples domicile a Baroness ahem when Obama's Abed algunos ejemplos let's get to see some examples we're going to make a like small conversation ready do .

You like cats do you like cats the gustan los gatos yeah see my gustan los gatos i yes I like cats because maybe I like how cars make that's what I like cats and you can say uh me tambien that means so do I am me tambien let's do it again the gustan los gatos see me gustan los gatos all excited .

See hasta los gatos a me tambien so the Y it's all positive we all like cats great oh but maybe you don't like cats you're like the dog on the side of the dogs maybe you like dogs I also like dogs but let's this is for the example for example let's I'll use the same one the gustan los perros let's use the los perros penrose the gustan los perros no .

Let's not make another example because I already wrote everything with the Gatos so forget about it ok don't get frustrated the gustan los gatos no no me gustan los gatos you can make it short no me gustan los gatos you say no or no comma no me gustan los gatos a me tampoco nor do i a me tampoco neither do i what happened there oh it's .

Not all positive someone said no so you cannot say tambien you have to say tampoco because if someone says no me gustan and you agree that you don't like them either you have to use tampoco but if someone asks you if someone asks some person and says yes see me gustan los .

Those yes I like us and you agree you say emit ambien how about something complex happens a lot of the times when you're learning a language just things get complex for example someone says the Gustavo's gatos and you say and they say yes I like cats sea otters and you want to say I don't like cats so you say I mean no um II know it's like it's .

Literally to me no I don't like them but someone oh you have to say it this way because you're not agreeing with a person that likes or dislikes cats right you say I mean no how about this someone says it was English got off is a ah no no me gustan los gatos and you say a me see yes to me to me yes a me see okay so a me see .

Or uh me no it depends on the person who spoke previously they would stand los gatos no no me gustan los gatos a me see oh I meet ambien the gustan los gatos see see me gustan los gatos a me no you cannot say I meet an poco there because you're not agree with the person that spoke previously is that clear for example they would stand las viboras .

The gustan las viboras do you like snakes oh man Canton Maine Canton las viboras mean Canton is stronger than two like it like I like them so much mean Canton if you agree with me that you can say I'm me tambien but you don't know you disagree you say I mean no I mean no probably you don't like them but you .

Hate them hate them do you say I mean no no you want to emphasize that you don't like them so you say the test oh the test oh I hate the test olace be with us all the Olas be bored us to emphasize that you don't like this is just a little like a little detail i wanted to give you mean canton is stronger than then to like to .

Start okay so this is this clip I hope it is just look at this and see if it's a see then I say también if the person says no I say tampoco but if things get complex then I can like the prek and say a minnow or a Missy depending of the personally spoke previously it stole oh poor oh please if you like my lesson subscribe to my channel butterfly .

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