Digital Electronics: Types of Counters | Comparison between Ripple and Synchronous counters

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Types of Counters | Comparison between Ripple and Synchronous counters
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47 thoughts on “Types of Counters | Comparison between Ripple and Synchronous counters”
  1. but isn't the basic concept of the counters as explained in the previous video that clock is connected to 1st and o/p of 1st flip flop is given to the next? So, how do the synchronous counters fit this criterion?

  2. if the input clock frequency 10ghz is passed to 6 bit jhonson counters then from mod-5 ripple counter out of which is led to mod-6 counter then to BCD synchronous conter. What is the output of the frequency?

  3. – Bộ đếm bất đồng bộ (asynchronous hay còn gọi là ripple): Tín hiệu clock được áp vào 1 FF và tín hiệu ngõ ra của FF trước được nối vào clock của FF tiếp theo. Mạch đơn giản. Tốc độ chậm vì phải lan truyền qua nhiều chặng.

    – Bộ đếm đồng bộ (synchronous): Tất cả FF nhận tín hiệu clock đồng thời. Mạch phức tạp vì số trạng thái tăng. Tốc độ cao vì tín hiệu clock được cho đồng thời.

  4. Sir lecture 178 and 180 have the completely opposite point there you said synchronous is slow now you are saying asynchronous is slow there you said asynchronous is hard to design know you are saying synchronous is hard to design which one to follow??

  5. Sir I think 2 points are contradictory for synchronous as well as asynchronous from lecture 165… in that u told for sync like the speed is slower and easy to design… bt in this u told that complicate ans faster one…

  6. Personally i didn't comment on any video but u really forced me to do .. Really want to thank u for these amazing videos ..I am watching Ur videos from last year ..That Way of explaning each and every topic in very easy Language that a Hindi medium student can also understand …I hope that u will continue this ..A lot of students are taking benifit of it the best thing about it ,is that these are free of cost .Thank u Sir

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