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When we measure things, most people are only worried about how accurate, or how close to the actual value, they are. Looking at the process of measurement more carefully, you will see that there is another important consideration: precision. Matt Anticole explains what exactly precision is and how can help us to measure things better.

Lesson by Matt Anticole, animation by Anton Bogaty.

What's the difference between accuracy and precision? – Matt Anticole
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  1. A recent paper was recently withdrawn based on this issue. Have not got time now to outline why. Nor to watch time video. But the topic is so important I have subscribed and saved to watch later.

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  4. Precision is more subjective. It is about the person.
    Accuracy is more objective. It is about the result.
    Usually they will cover each other. To reach accuracy you need precision. Or you are very lucky.
    A percise person or method usually results to accuracy. Unless you are in a really bad luck.

  5. Accuracy:closeness of your data to the true value
    Precision: closeness among your measured value
    Keep this in mind and watch the video to see if you got clear enough..

  6. Accuracy: How close you come to the correct result, improves with tools calibrated correctly and you're well trained with.
    Precision: How consistently you can get the same result using the same method, improves with more finely incremented tools, with less estimation.

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  8. too bad faucci, his wife, pfizer, and other medical "experts", aren't doing a true study of the mark of the beast. Because if they didn't care about the money and actually care about "saving lives", they would have accurate and precise studies in the virus and vaccines. I just hope sheeple wake up and become people again to overthrow these idiots and get our normal lives back.

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