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Have you ever wondered why there exists 2 different engines, Diesel and Petrol (Gasoline) ?. This video is aimed at giving a logical illustration of differences and advantages of diesel and petrol engines. It also answers the questions like, what if I put petrol into a diesel engine or vice versa.

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Petrol (Gasoline) Engine vs Diesel Engine
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47 thoughts on “Petrol (Gasoline) Engine vs Diesel Engine”
  1. WowI just came up with a new idea of a better engine instead of yellow flame blue flame blue flame better o yes yes yes yes blue fire don't barn metal like yellow fire make metal black it barn metal to hot bad for metal

  2. Kindly read true Otto engine ever build useing dual fuel effects no ignition systems and then tell my what true diference are betwean those 2 engines? There is non bouth are Auto Ignition/Compresion Ignition the Checy 250 is perfect exampel of dual runing fuel they are gasoline/disel blocks!!!
    Secondly first disel engine run on carburetors pre mix fuel chambers and under high wacumm no preshure!!!!
    Read deam library !!!
    That is false info and false presentation of the true working principels of those engines!!!

  3. Petrol cars also have fuel injection, the difference between them that i learned is that diesel use compression (thats why "run away" even if engine is switched off) the glow plugs only heat up if the engine is cold while in petrol engines they use spark plugs to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber and thats why petrol wont work in diesel engine

  4. So im one who knows my share about engines and stuff but one thing i cant understand is how diesels are timed? In a gasoline engine the spark fires before the piston hits the top cause gasoline takes time to burn so it burns all the way before it hits tdc, how does a diesel do that, if you spray the fuel too early, it wouldn't make any difference would it?

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