Shows how voltage can be visualized as electric potential energy. Includes topics such as why the voltage is the same everywhere inside a metal conductor.

Electric Potential: Visualizing Voltage with 3D animations
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  2. & I don't know why proton & electron 🧲 attract each other but that's doesn't mean I assume That your explanation is right …

    You're just guessing how could be particle attract/ oppose.

  3. Is the potential of a charge the energy of attracting other charges or its kinetic energy? Is the electron potential negative? What is the difference between positive and negative potential?

  4. Your video is a shallow and vague explanation about how charges react in a conductor , because not all electrons are free to move among atoms of the molecular structure of an electron-conductor. Only a number of electrons orbiting far away from the nuclei, and thus not experiencing so much attractive force from the nuclei as those of lower orbits around the nuclei, can move freely among atoms of the lattice molocular structure of an electron conductor. The reactive motions of individual electrons in a conductor , called as drift velocity when there is an electric field applied is so slow as a snail's, and therefore not the speed of the current of electrons of an electron conductor. The actual speed of the entire current of electrons in an electron- conductor is the negative charges carried by free electrons transmitted througout the length of an electron conductor by the distant electric repulsive force produced by the electric field in the closed circuit with a difference of an electric potential voltage between the source of electrons like a power plant or anywhere negative charges are stored and electron-run machines including light bulbs

  5. Genial video. I have only a consideration to do regarding the picture shown at minute 3:23. Shouldn't have you put negative charges under "the cloth"? Indeed for them the electrical potential energy is lower than the big sphere otherwise they would tend to go towards it and i think that it should not be correct. Anyway thank you very much for your work, i am learning a lot

  6. To begin ~ Firstly Electrons are 2 Dimensional Particles ~ NOT 3 Dimensional spheres

    NOT all Particles Have 'Gravitational Potentials' as ONLY ONE Particle (A Neutron & the Reason WHY the Nucleons [Protons + & Neutrons =] are so Tightly Bound) Generates Gravity ~ While ~ Others ~ are simply SUBJECTED TO THAT generated Force

    The Opposing Force To gravity IS HEAT

    Gravity [Gravitational Cyclic Activity] Encases the Repulsive force of HEAT ~ By [temporary] thermal Capacitance ~ Within the thermal Cycle/Cyclic (Weak force – heat or scatter) Of Gravitational (Strong Force – OR Cold/Cooling – Concertation) Activity | intermingling | exchanges

    Start There …..It Is Better AND well More realistic 👍

    Thanks for Your time 😎 ☮

  7. You've done a nice video of Charge Separation in Space!
    I was wondering when the Standard Model would get around to recognizing that. Of course, NASA's "Space Weather" internet channel has an up-dated measure of the protons per cubic/cm in the Solar Wind, and of course, we know that where there are protons we will discover electrons, also…it's that magnetic/dielectric force of DC current (AKA Birkeland currents).
    I'm a bit surprised that Physics is asserting that the 'Curvature of Space' is a fact of Physics!
    I try to keep up with the factual side of reality, and not the unproven theories, and even if democratically agreed to by the Standard Model Theory of Reality. That ad hoc agreement isn't anything close to Fact!
    Indeed, all these theories supporting theories that support the theory that Gravity is the Creator of the Universe haven't predicted observations like 'Pulsars' which require 'Neutron stars' to attempt explaining the observation. Physics experiments demonstrated that light is not curved around massive objects, but when the light from stars was demonstrated to be seen before the star was perpendicular and occluded by another star in direct sight, Einstein had to invent the Space/Time Continuum, which curved in the presence of large masses.
    Meanwhile, there is no 'Fabric of Emptiness' than can be changed by the 'Ticks of Some Clock'…that's not a physical fact! Instead, it is road-apples baking in the Sun…
    Cute video of a plastic sheet of the Space/Time Unicorn of Cosmology's consensus, though.

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