Compare and contrast the differences between passive transport and active transport.

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Passive transport discussion topics:
– Diffusion
– Osmosis
– Facilitated diffusion

Active transport discussion topics:
– Na/K pump
– Contractile vacuole
– Endocytosis
– Exocytosis

Passive vs. Active transport
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24 thoughts on “Passive vs. Active transport”
  1. I couldn't be more thankful to you for sharing your knowledge in such a simple way! I've always been a science dummy but really, thanks to you i am finally understandig something. I really appreciate your job and that is also freely available to us.

  2. The thing about a Subject like Biology, you need to explain things with visuals as well, and not just visuals but the right one, meaning the way that things are explain in it eg. the animation use to explain what the 'High area of concentration' is. It's akin to going down hill, no energy is required. Thanks for this video you really made it easy for me to understand.

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