Learn the difference between hubs, bridges, switches and gateways aka known as “backbones.”

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The Difference Between Hubs, Bridges, Switches and Gateways (Backbones)
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30 thoughts on “The Difference Between Hubs, Bridges, Switches and Gateways (Backbones)”
  1. Hi i would like to ask if i can connect multiple networks using Switches to my Server
    like: Switch1(network1) Switch2(network2) Switch3(network3) all those 3 networks will go to another switch which my server is connected. If there is another way to handle fast traffic i would appreciate but not too costly for my budget. thanks in advance your video is very helpful specially for beginners. you talk in a manner that even stupid people would still learn and understand.

  2. I've always said that a good technician or engineer can break things down and make it so simple, a non-tech person from another generation (like my grandmother) can understand it. Job well done!

  3. It is amazing how in less than three minutes, you give understanding of networking devices an IT professional could make it clear. If there was a YouTube highest videos networking list about networking devices, no doubt you should be No1. Than you for your teaching!!!

  4. HUB – Centralised connecting device. all device connects to a hub and do transmission simotsionsly
    BRIDIGE – Process and recall information about signal traffic between devices in network, determine most efficient way.
    SWITCH -multi pop netwek brige

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