What’s the major scale? How is is different from the minor scale? What’s a major chord? A minor chord? Finally! The difference between major and minor is explained!!! And in a way humans can understand! With visual aids!!!!!!

The Difference Between Major and Minor
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40 thoughts on “The Difference Between Major and Minor”
  1. sooooo x major corresponds to x+5 minor, and x minor differ from x major by the intervals used, the whole and halfs. good, not sure what I can do with this, but good

  2. so if i am understanding this correctly:
    the name of the scale is determined by the note it starts on, and the major/minor part just dictates the pattern by which you get to the next note?

  3. Wow, that was an amazing explanation of dense information in a way I could understand. Thank you for sharing this video. The feedback I would offer is displaying the note animation on a fret board background instead of a notepad background because it would be more helpful in explaining which note in the pattern is flattened and what the change is made in the corresponding pattern.

  4. May I know is there any different between major and minor if playing the melody (treble clef). Because I am learning violin, just wish to know how major and minor key affects the playing

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