Top 15 phrases with “NO” in Spanish

Oh yeah welcome to butterfly Spanish my demo ana and I chose a chocolate so I think I have chocolate on my face for ya mana and in today's lesson we're going to learn very useful phrases in Spanish with no no no yes you're going to learn phrases with no and why am I doing this lesson well because I think they are a few phrases that exist by itself that .

Might help you to say no for different occasions in different ways maybe you can just say no no that's in English no but maybe you say I don't want it no lo quiero oh no quiero oh no creo no puedo no no say no say nada no tengo tiempo etc you're going to learn all these phrases so you're going to improve your .

Vocabulary in espanol en eso es lo que quieras Josie that's what I want for you muy bien so let's start with the first no phrase and that is no entiendo when you say I don't understand you say no entiendo some people say no comprendo but I think comprendo is more I don't comprehend so it may be a little bit like a higher register you want to be .

Casual but formal to appropriate you can just say no entiendo could you explain it lo puedes explicar no entiendo remember to pronounce this and T end o en doh muy bien yendo no entiendo si entiendo no no no entiendo media no comprendo I told you already you can use that too though I feel like it's like I don't comprehend or .

Something more deep no say no say no say no say or no se nada I don't know anything no say and you can add na da na da nada nada nothing no say my my marker was working then it doesn't work then it works then it doesn't work you know I'm going to try that when I finish this lesson what did I let us let host far away so I cannot reach it no se nada na .

Da nada nada nothing anything no se nada don't ask me about Spanish no se nada we yet no puedo oh hey can you can you do my homework no no puedo can you make me a coffee no no puedo oh no puedo you can say no coma no puedo no no puedo or you can only say no puedo it's like a double negative .

No coma no puedo I can't I can't unable to do it I can't no quiero hmm this is interesting no quiero I don't want you shot in English you would say I don't want it or I don't want to do it or I don't want to go I don't want to that it needs a subject right in it's an object no I don't want it I don't want to go I don't .

Want to do it etc but no quiero you can just say no quiero no quiero Gillis mmm Kyra's ah un país é que eres una lado no no quiero que eres una lado no quiero ah Kyra's Unum bougatsa karasuna ambarisa no quiero no quiero I don't want I don't want it really um no creo no creo no creo sometimes I say no creo sometimes .

For example I work my friend uh says hey do you think like this translator didn't finish the translation because she fell asleep and I say no creo no I don't think so she's very hardworking I know her I don't think so that's not the reason no creo just by itself you don't need anything else no creo .

Muy bien now you can say oh my god oh my god like some girls say in English oh my god no lo puedo creer I can't believe it no lo puedo creer no lo puedo creer do you get it well is I can't believe it now here it says this law is actually the it noise the thing that you cannot believe no lo puedo creer so for example if you want the lottery and you spoke .

Spanish you would have said no no poker no puedo creer I can't believe it muy bien something you can't believe no lo puedo creer okay stop my oh when you're unsure I'm not sure nice toy say water because I'm a woman if I were a Pedro I would say ah nice noise stop no estoy seguro very good bye because Ana has like a very pleasant .

Feminine voice she said heist I say border no estoy seguro I'm not sure move yeah uh can you go for dinner with me uh no estoy seguro I don't think so no creo nice toy seguro they have me pensando let me think about it they hammer pensar low let me think about it oh nothing got the empo I am a very busy .

Individual nothing go tiempo I don't have time I don't have time for this nothing got the empu I like this song that says no tengo tiempo de cambiar mi vida I don't have time to change my life it says it's actually very nice so maybe that's racist doesn't explain it oh no tengo tiempo muy bien no tengo tiempo nothing go .

Tiempo de enseñar d'espagne adios and we have done the teachers panel bye adios it's not necessary you probably tell me it's not necessary I already speak Spanish noise necesario noise necesario no es necesario oh there you go now you're working hard I see no is necessary oh oh this is I put didn't put a like a translation here for one reason .

For another son not the passes that's a very I think Mexican way of saying it or maybe Latin America my friend Mario something says it she is from Venezuela my friend Sandra also says she's from Colombia say oh yeah not a passes it is as if you were saying don't overdo it or don't go beyond it like don't or not they pass as you did something Mary may .

Be really funny really bad something unbelievable or difficult to believe not the passes you're doing something not the passes or maybe you're just respecting something so this is very a cultural like the nuance of Spanish language if for example if you were saying a joke and maybe disrespecting some people in .

The circle who are listening to the joke I will tell you not the path is not the passes Kandy ho Kandy ho soca I got bad word but very nice bad word like like soft bad word not that passes Kandy ho Kandy ha not the passes oh yeah knowing Ventus it is kind of don't invented don't make it up like it's not true knowing meant this my friend him .

Anna for instance yes um producer knowing pentas Anna always see Empress's new invent asana always because I tell her like you know stories about my lessons or about my students or about something I did and she's like she thinks like no it's it's too funny or it's too cruel or he's to something so don't make it up don't invent it not .

Invent this invented know in Ventus muy bien now another one that doesn't really is not translatable it doesn't have like a equivalent like yes we're friends way bilingual friends forever siempre para siempre Hamas no se as mala onda I think that's Mexican probably no see us melanda .

Is like don't be a bad person or don't be cruel or don't oh come on no see a smile on that don't be a bad person let's stitch to it let's go lets you know you're inviting someone you're asking someone something and that person says like oh no no I can't you say oh no sales Malanda no sales mala onda again no says melanda I blend .

Espanol movie yet seguimos another one that is but like latin-american no no Thomas a man that's serious it's don't take it the wrong way I'm saying this not to hurt you not to make you cry not to make you unhappy and miserable and depressed I'm telling you just because maybe you need to know that so .

Don't take it the wrong way no no Thomas am i no no Thomas am I so remember that love it's kind of the neutral up word that encompasses that thing that you're telling that person but you don't want that person to take it the wrong way no Thomas Ahmad you're doing it for a good reason .

Maybe maybe your co-workers feet smell and you tell them hey Mario Fahad take a tooth Pierce well in my well and muy mal so is it namaste ego para que pajas al dr. o para que tu KO press otro scallopini so you go to the doctor you get a different pair of socks don't take it the wrong way friend we're friends para siempre .

Forever don't take it the wrong way no lo Thomas ah my again I don't like it no me gusta fact techo no me gusta nada nada nada nada you can say nada Oh Oh novita it's like a cute way of saying nada nada nada tic tic tic toc like not even a bit a tiny bit I don't like it .

Um well muy bien espero que de Aiyaa Gustavo esta clase I hope you enjoyed this lesson and if you like my lesson you know already what yes subscribe to my channel butterfly Spanish so you can fly speaking spanish and latin america on your vacation on your work trip forever and ever para siempre y por .

Siempre hamas muy bien i hope you learned this lesson you can donate to my channel subscribe to my channel participate in the forum and just enjoy your life that's it yeah my boy and heels
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