Morning when Ostia module shallow wouldn'ta and hello today I am filming a video with English with Lucy or as she sometimes is called Lucy she makes YouTube videos teaching people how to speak English so today we're going to be going out and around town maybe pick out some specific words that you wouldn't get taught in a typical classroom so for .

Lucy channel we're going to be filming that but this video is predominately going to be the behind the scenes things so watch this one and then after this go over to Lucy's channel and check out her video which will be the final finished thick it should be fun and I think I am already late so we should go .

Out of the darkness no you can sit on your your bar as you go it's this sort of stuff that happens in Lucy's house as well you've got like you learn things just by walking in right so first stop is going to be a cafe where we can do coffee things we need caffeine needs very strongly there what was your breakfast you tell me about this morning .

Chocolate chocolate for breakfast brilliant the Sun has come out do you see that's why I brought the sunglasses and an umbrella because with London you just never ready no check out this exciting table so we have learned this used to be a barrel for electrical wires that's where the wires would come out and yeah .

Lucy looks very unimpressed by it but I think it's cool because I'm a nerd for Lucy's video we've just filmed the beginning bits or what is a flat white what does the difference between takeaway and eating or drinking and what is a sausage roll I mean this recovering some vital ground here this is life-changing stuff where you got inside .

There is it Gary Oh God is just about Terry getting luxury biscuit base oh the types of milk you just always equals cake and caffeine now everyone is much happier having had the caffeine we've been singing mostly because you you're excited to go to Spain though I think so supermarket time now where we're going to try and selfishly .

Film without getting kicked off st. say like oh I do love a good mango I'm a mango man how do you with even with the stone a little bit yeah and then I know this donor than I hope everyone's pretty nice as well so who knew face when you come to England you know it's a good superbug cutting edge staff cars were really covering the big topics which .

Apples to buy chicken dinner oh so dinner with chicken in it quiet buy it buy it buy it in the basket done nailed it tonight in the party we can have people trying Mar my party is that what is that thing is that sex thing than it I can't believe it's not butter how would you say that in Spanish no puedo creer que .

No se Monte and now more aggressively Kubik work on the salmon buggy and that is the advert done but it's fresh fresh exciting I like both tea and porridge and that is why we are different also I'm not a girl there are mother other oh yeah well there's the Maltesers game as well done the Maltesers game sorry so again .

Crunchy chocolate balls there's the Maltesers game you can play with these with these Maltesers and where you put one on your lips and you put head back you see how i am here you can blow it up and really and the catch in your mouth there is actually a video about it one of my channel if you can find it can soak them in wine and they .

Swell up you might want to drink wine actly yeah easier yeah a man just walked up to another man in the street when this is because have you got any baby oil I flew sea and I made this face so that was our mini adventure in and around bits of cafes and supermarkets I had a good time had brands I yeah I mean .

Really it was just what I probably would have done today but we filmed it that's the gist of this video and with me which it was even better speaking of which if you want to see how the final video turned out kind of language learning you one where you might actually learn something if you're a non-english speaker then go over to .

Lucy's channel check that out happy on there make sure you subscribe to my channel for more blocky things and meeting other youtubers like this lovely lady let us know what you thought about our little blog around town see you later what I like about fish eye is you know really close and get a really .

Interesting perspective of someone's face while they're talking
Lucy and I made a video to help her students learn some everyday English words they might need around cafes and supermarkets. But along the way, some other silliness happened. This video is all of that silly stuff and other behind the scenes bits. Check out the final video on Lucy’s channel here: And go subscribe to Lucy’s channel: *************** FILMING SET UP Camera: Canon Legria Mini – UK: – US: *************** FOLLOW ME 📺 YouTube: 🐦 Twitter: 🤦🏻‍♂️ Facebook: 📷 Instagram: