How do you feel? Talking about emotions in Spanish

Hola Gyarados amigos como esta in today's lesson in butterfly Spanish we're going to learn well we're going to learn about emotions and feelings and how to express them in Spanish so today you're going to tell me how do you feel how do you feel today well I am happy ah no wait I'm sad I'm really sad today or I'm crazy and so on you're .

Going to first learn all these up 20 emotions and feelings and we're going to learn well the meaning when are you going to say them and why are we using the verb is that instead of say so stay with me do not get bored not there boo dress because I'll give you an x mark in your exam and bubbles and Peyser muy bien well first of all I want to tell .

You something take quiero decir algo when I'm talking about these emotions and feelings we are talking about temporary emotions emotions or sentimientos feelings temporalis temporary that is y por eso es que bus out ELISA el verbo estar that is why you're going to use the verb estar because we are talking .

About temporary emotions and feelings so for instance sometimes you might be happy for the sister Feliz or depressed the pre-need oh no squished and so I hope that's not your nature your long-term what describes you in your life like I hope you're not you're depressed as you are tall right totally something that you cannot change but .

Depressed you can change it right while you're changing it right now by watching this lesson because I don't want you depress I'll give you another X mark very good so that is why we're going to use the verb estar muy bien so if I say soy bejita which would be I am sure bejita or choppa Rita to make a cute kappa Rita fajita well that's my .

Nature that's something that describes on she's short there's nothing I can change about it I tried to nothing changed but today I am happy no I am I am nervous because I'm learning this lesson and I'm really nervous so let's start stop talking about different things .

Anna very good so you know that is why we're going to use the very base time now the very start you're going to say for your job estoy to estas hey some parts of Latin America they say boss is staff instead of saying – yes last time I was talking to my friend from El Salvador and she said what is das cansada .

Yes she said that so I put it here for you post as maybe you're planning to go to one of those countries you want to use the boss instead of two and you know I am all about the variety of Spanish Spanish parades movie – estas oboes estas el esta el hee yes él está Ella esta usted está el dia and step for mo esta nosotros estamos we are you plural .

S tan now remember in Spain they say vosotros sois shot rolls dice correcto vosotros s dice falen mmm the great part of Latin America they say steadies a stack Agios day males is done the same as here and a yes esta muy bien now that you already have this ver because remember in English is the verb to be just that .

The verb to be can be said or is that and because we're not talking about long-term things that describe you in your nature we're talking about cosas temporalis we are going to use that verb is that instead of set now you know already this so we can go on with my phrases and I'm going to give you 20 phrases that are super helpful get the .

Van are you dar mucho porque well because when someone asks you how you feel today you're going to be able to say how you feel today without hesitating sin do that without hesitating the first one is estoy Feliz happy Feliz now in Spain for example they would say Feliz with the th at the end correct .

Because they have like this C set and s the pronunciation is different so if you are interested in that topic please watch my lesson about that topic see Z s feliz feliz whatever you like both sanger Contenta Contenta as content but it's also HAP's it's just like a different words for happy content joyful ah mm happy .

Contenta now I said Contenta here with an a because I am a woman if I wear a dude si fuera muchacho o muchacho de I would say content o content Oh muy bien now depending on who you are you're going to pick ta da ah hola oh this is a long one but not difficult that way no more estoy the boy anymore yes I am in a good mood estoy de boi .

Anymore estoy de buen amor now that's a neutral it doesn't matter you're a man a woman or whatever neutral gender you are that's just going to be there when amor that's the phrase you know good mood the point no more I am in love yes I am in love stoy enamorada enamorada .

Now enamorada again la ah ela Oh depending you're going to pick the up oh oh maybe I am grateful yes I'm very grateful to you too for watching my lessons from all the bottom of my heart desde lo mas profundo de mi corazon I am grateful with you a gratis EDA now this is another one it ends with a and here I forgot .

To put the O because it could be East estoy lleno de sido see but I say estoy a gratis see de maybea 3 stay si estoy triste oi estoy 3 stay I am sad today maybe something bad happened maybe just like a melancholia and I am sad melancholia destroyed wrist that's okay as long as tomorrow I'm happy right Feliz .

Ohh estoy triste you see this this word ends with an e con la a first adjectives that end with an e most likely you're not going to change the gender is going to stay like that it's going to stay like the neutral way with the e3 stay so you won't say estoy trees though no tryst oh no oh Trista no maybe Tristan a soldier but that's not the case here .

Three stay trees the muy bien vamos seguimos a game of Ludo Ludo estoy abu rida i am bored you are probably bored by now it's like Oh stowable read Oh Anna is doing this more lento she has to hurry up se tiene que posh historia would it work no terrible wrath yo estoy abu rida know your history Feliz but you could be a .

Burrito or abu rida and that would be very bad because I don't like when you get bored now I put I put a mark here because I'm going to teach you something important when you talk about yourself well in English they say I'm born he is born estoy Yahoo vada he's bored esta a burrito but when you say oh that's boring – .

Boring something abhorrent yes well for that you're going to use more likely they mail a way of saying okay algorithm how boring this is okay every though Oh a stubo abu rida it was boring s to go I will read oh you're going to use ninety-nine percent of the time Oh a burrito now if you are talking .

About something very specific about a thing that is a like a female gender let's say because announcing Spanish could be female or male where you're going to say la película the movies was boring la película estuvo abu rida buttonless is not clear what you're talking about or you're talking about in a more neutral way you can say okay a .

Burrito is to a real son of riddles that you are boring maybe your friends are going Sammy go some waabri those may be very good and Okada Estonian O Hara see pork a noise Stella Tarija because you didn't do your homework right that's why I'm upset estoy en Ojeda now five where Carlos instead of Anna and I were your Spanish .

Teacher I would say a story in a huddle story no hado with my man's voice a no hala a no hado Dupree me de Dupree me de I'm depressed ah estoy de première though I am Carlos and I am the preemie dough that's what I cry and cry dodo dodo Rios the library mass rivers of Tears .

Muy bien huh see I told you hear that one more but sometimes maybe you know some people upset you and you are the malamaal dhamaal umor Oh a shorter way Malu Mirada mal o Mirada o malley morado depending correct a malamar so we have the boy no more e tambien the mal you more how do you feel today .

Come on come on the sientes oi the boy no more perfecto the malamar okay well I hope it changes tomorrow estoy cansada I am tired estoy cansada Oh estoy cansada trabajo mucho trabajo mucho y estoy Arta estoy cansada I work very much I'm tired I fell oh I'm tired too artists we can Saleh .

Muy bien oh this is sad sad estoy balut oh I am in mourning maybe someone related to me Mario died call go los temas say they hung the tennis shoes and sewed I am dilute OS toda luto in stoy dilute oh now it doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man or whatever you're going to say estoy de lodo it's a phrase like .

Laburnum or phrase neutral phrase yes that's a good idea mother what I told you to hang your shoes or your tennis shoe called oil stains you look very good but let's talk about more neutral things not sad things well knowing we're getting into more sad waters by it's okay you need this right you don't have to be happy all the time .

Ammar gada oh yes yes some people assume I have a friend that she is very amalga she's very embittered children and I like it and I like it and anything so she's just like everything is bad I'm a tagada and bitter bitter sour you're sour you're not sweet sour sweet and sour does go with you you're just sour it's toy I'm a tagada but maybe .

You're a guy and you kick or oh my god oh – oh my god only with your face all the time like up don't smile I'm not a god oh you're like that you have to send me an email and tell me why because I'm going to give you a hard time you don't kind of be I'm arigato ocupada yes I'm busy right now I'm teaching Spanish style coupe pas de don't bother me stop .

Talking to me estoy yo coupe pas de see February man si estoy ocupado story ocupado ya know me molesters correct story ocupado know me a valise don't talk to me stereo Koopa maybe but actually I am worried I am worried I'm really concerned estoy preocupada preocupada estoy preocupado preocupado I'm Carlos .

Ah I am Ana estoy preocupada because I think today my lessons are very challenging and I have to be very clear to teach you Spanish well so you're learning you're not making bears when you're on vacation yeah making versus I said a law so to make a bear is like embarrass yourself or your bed maybe Spanish or whatever is bad I'll tell you .

About idioms next time but it's fun but ocupada yes estoy least I'm ready okay let's go I'm ready estoy listo listo stoli stop estoy listo I'm ready let's go vamanos vamanos estoy lista estas listo no operate a hurry up apurate .

Muy bien when people bite their nails hey I let you mind I'll let you mine I'll say right I think they buy their nose because they are there Bo sauce yes near vo sauce toy nerviosa a stone lv OSA pero con los standard vo so standard vo so nervous I am nervous are you nervous will don't bite your nails not the mortis nos Onias no 10 where .

That lasagna is mallow palate to cerebro spy for your brain movie yet maybe also nel be OSA Briella cut a relaxed holiday todo esta bien everything is good relax well a hot day muy bien seguimos rapido ah stay calm Fundy de I don't know where it .

Is mustard on this stuff estoy con Fundy de-iced icon fundido if I were Carlos I am confused come from Dida and confront Dido when you don't know like you know where something is or you know where to go or you don't know what to do I always have a hard time because I'm kind of indecisive so I'm like huh should I .

Teach these or then I should I teach it this way or the other way sometimes I'm MOOC on Fundy des moines confirmed EDA but then I say oh I know what I'm going to teach them and then I'm very content ah muy contento muy bien vamos and firma your kind of wall you feel so heavy you know in Fermo sick and sick and Fermo I'm sick .

If I were Carlos Carlos temper mo I know the circus don't get close to me not the circus not the circus mellow bizarre contact yeah you're going to give it to see because that person is sick you don't want that person to be close no their circus two-time thermo or John or stolen fermo poor Kate Oh mommy's vitaminas because I .

Have my vitamins muy bien I hope you to spell ok to tambien loca yeah today I'm a little bit loca loco oh you see what I'm doing this yes umm in Mexico and I think in many parts of Latin America when you say this is me like I'm crazy or the person you're looking at is crazy but you're telling another person so imagine Julio is here .

And Louis is here and I tell Julio Cesar Chavez DeLuca person is crazy stoy loca or Julio esta Loco oh so now you tell me how do you feel today well it's your emotion or feeling on the board yes muy bien if it's not then go and find more adjectives more feelings and emotions in Spanish because as there are .

So many I am giving you the most popular ones los más populares los más normalize practicals but a are many more for instance this is useful because now you will be able to say how do you feel today you can ask someone como se siente soy how do you feel today maybe I'd work wherever you work maybe in your house how do you feel today .

Como se siente hoy como que sientes oh and you say um let's do Feliz estoy cansada stoy triste this toy contento muy bien or maybe you wanna say mmm I don't want to go no quiero if I don't want to go because I'm tired no kiddo here , estoy cansada muy bien or maybe your friend is telling .

Oh tell your roommate to come with us and then you say no no Louisa no quiere it's time Fermo she's sick so no quiero here no quiere and you can conjugate this with any of the subjects steadies ojos ages nosotros no que temos ear estamos cansado just give me a bed I'll just crush stop moving around the city I don't like it well yet well I hope you .

Enjoyed my lesson espero que haya gustado me classy you like my lesson subscribe to my channel or donate to my channel so I keep uploading math videos muchos math videos but I kept Brenda's a Spaniard it's always a pleasure to teach you Spanish and you know send me a comment on the in the in the forum so I can get .

To know you mass and that's it I think now I have to go because I finished and I have nothing else to say another KDC well now nos vemos quit a dip
Learn the most useful phrases in Spanish to express how you feel. Are you tired? Are you sick? Are bored? Are you upset? Learn how to say this feeling in Spanish. You will learn more than 50 ways to express your feelings and your emotions. This lesson is particularly useful because we always talk about feelings. Our life is about how we feel and we often express this to others when we are at home, when we go to work, when we are with friends, when we are at the gym, when we are in the woods, and in the ocean, we always express how we feel. Even more, we always ask others how they feel in Spanish. Today, hoy, I feel very happy, estoy muy contenta because I went for a walk in a big park close to my house and I ran into a frog. I am in a good mood, estoy de buen humor because that frog had a cute happy contagious smile and that has put me in a good mood, de buen humor. If I had stepped on the frog, I would be in a very bad mood, de muy mal humor. After watching this lesson you will express all your emotions and feelings, and you will tell me more about why you feel the way you feel — in the comments! But on one condition: you will tell me in Spanish. If you would like to help me financially so I can prepare more lessons, you can donate at: Or through PayPal: Muchas gracias por donar a mi canal. Te lo agradezco de todo corazón. Saludos, Ana. Check out my new website and subscribe to my free Spanish learning newsletter at: Watch more videos that help you learn Spanish: SPANISH LESSON: 4 WAYS TO ASK “HOW ARE YOU?” IN SPANISH: 6 WAYS TO SAY GOODBYE IN SPANISH: ‘GOOD’ & ‘WELL’ IN SPANISH: BUENO, BUEN, OR BIEN?: LEARN WORDS OF LOVE IN SPANISH ❤ ❤ ❤ Learn Spanish – MUY or MUCHO?: LEARN HOW TO TALK ABOUT “MINE” & “YOURS” IN SPANISH: “WHAT” & “WHICH” IN SPANISH: QUÉ OR CUÁL?: TOP 15 PHRASES WITH “NO” IN SPANISH: HOW TO AGREE IN SPANISH – TOP 12 WAYS: 10 INFORMAL WAYS TO ASK “HOW ARE YOU?” IN SPANISH: HOW TO SAY “SORRY” IN SPANISH – TOP 8 WAYS: Bueno felicidades por haber visto mis videos de enseñanza de español. Espero que hayas aprendido mucho y de tocho morocho. Saludos, Ana de Butterfly Spanish, a channel with lots of videos for learning Spanish, the language of love (besides French).