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John Deere 1025r vs 2025r vs 2038r Tractor Comparison: 1 Series vs Small 2 vs Large 2 Series

Take a look at these tractors sitting side by side. Compare the redesigned John Deere 1025r, 2025r, and 2032r/2038r tractors. The 1 Series, small 2 Series, and large 2 Series tractors offered by John Deere are all laid out very well for the operator’s station, offering standard options not found with most other tractor manufacturers. You’ll get a look at the 120r and 220r front end loaders plus the 54″ and 60″ AutoConnect mower decks. Compare their features and their differences including dimensions, weight, and capability too!

Not shown in the video is the following information:

The 120r loader will lift approximately 800 lbs to 72″ at the base of the loader arms.

The 220r loader will lift approximately 1,100 lbs to 85″ at the base of the loader arms.

1025r 3 point hitch will lift 681 lbs at 24″

2025r 3 point hitch will lift 1,150 lbs at 24″

2032r & 2038r 3 point hitch will lift 1,356 lbs at 24″


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John Deere 1025r vs 2025r vs 2038r Tractor Comparison: 1 Series vs Small 2 vs Large 2 Series
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