Differencee Java vs. JavaScript 👀 (Explained for recruiters in IT)

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🖥 In this video:
1. What is the difference between Java and JavaScript? (0:43)
2. Both Java and JavaScript are used on backend and frontend (1:01)
3. Only Android applications use Java as a programming language (1:37)
4. Java standard edition, Java enterprise edition are fairly known among IT recruiters (2:12)
5. As an IT recruiter, you should recognize a Java developer based on the Spring framework (2:45)
6. Node.js framework suggests you are recruiting a JavaScript developer (3:01)
7. JavaScript started as a frontend programming language (3:30)
8. JavaScript could also be used to build cross-platform mobile applications (4:00)
9. Applications that can run on both ios and android are cross-platform apps and learn the most common JavaScript frameworks here (4:35)
10. “How to hire Java or JavaScript developers is the advanced topic” (6:15)

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Differencee Java vs. JavaScript 👀 (Explained for recruiters in IT)
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    This was great! Can you do a video on Kubernetes?

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    Excellent video ! you really feel for this topic 🙂

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    Can you do a video on power bi developer?

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    Looking forward for more such videos

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