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Never do this while studying for IB (International Baccalaureate) Exams

Never do this while studying for IB Exams

I want to tell you about something that everybody does and it just messes them up totally and whatever it is it’s terrible. This is what we do I mean every single IB student does .this it’s terrible i’ll tell you what it is it’s asking your friends how much they’ve studied all right. 

Let me tell you the answer to this question is never helpful to you in any way all right they’re all. They’re only two things that you find out it’s either your friends have studied more than you or your friends have studied less than you and if they studied more than you wasn’t what’s up.

Never do this while studying for IB Exams , IB exams

  • What’s the first thing you feel extremely demotivated right. Oh I’m an idiot I haven’t said as much as that Mullen. I would be able to catch up with them and then you just kind of get into this demotivation spiral. 
  • But even if even if you find out that they study less than you it kind of leads to like a false sense of entitlement that okay I’m doing enough or or you just. It just never works out for you now what what do I mean by this all right you need to remember this one.
  •  Truth that is something I need to remember when I was sitting in IB how much your friends tell you know. What they tell you you know the amount they’ve already studied is never what it seems all right they may tell you oh you’re not saying three chapters or they may tell you oh I won’t even one passed paper. 
  • Trust me it’s never what it seems all right there are two types of people they’re people their friends. Who over exaggerate how much is study and their friends who understate how much you study so about the people who over exaggerate the amount deciding.
  • Let me tell you something about these people the way they talk is it’s kind of like BS right and it’s sad because when you listen to this BS you think that they’ve actually done a lot and it kind of just makes you demotivated and you just don’t want to study. 
  • Let me tell you why you shouldn’t believe when your friends say oh i’ve saved this much or saved this much all right first thing is that they may cover lots of content but they may not necessarily understand that contact.
 All right let’s say a person studies for like three chapters. Right and let’s say it takes a whole day to study three chapters for you but they’ve done Dimplex are you three chapters in a day so this you know they’ve gone through the material of three chapters. 

That turn into maybe fifty pages in their textbook but let me tell you something just because they’ve covered content does not necessarily mean they’ve actually learned that content I hope so basically it’s like it’s very easy to cover content.
 It’s very easy to read through your textbook .it’s very easy to do past papers but if you’re not actually learning in the process. If you’re not stopping to think to to kind of make sense of what you’re learning it’s not gonna help. 

I mean how many times have you read something and you know how many times have you read something in your textbook and after ten minutes just forgot. What it completely was about that’s because you haven’t really understood. 

It you haven’t really internalized what you’re learning and so a lot of people they cover a lot of content but then you’ll find that they struggling to do pass paper questions of the content that we just studied.
Why because their focus on covering content not on exactly learning that content. When you want to learn something you go a bit slower but you make sure you actually cover your material. 

So just remember a lot of times you want miss absolutely five chapters sure they may have studied five chapters but that does not necessarily mean that i’ve actually learned 100 percent or even 80 60 percent of that chapter. And you’ll find that people who rush through material are the same people. 

Who forget that material just as fast and also sometimes people will say oh, i’ve done five six seven pass papers and I’m still you know I’m still so bad i’ve only done five six papers.
Oh I should actually be done by ten by now and you’re just sitting there like an idiot. With your one pass paper that you did you’re struggling to do let me tell you about a story about one of my friends. 

My friend and me we were roughly the same you know intellectual level in math and I remember we were both struggling so much in math, and then one point I give her I give her a call and she tells me. Oh i’ve done 12 passed papers I’m like what you’ve done 12 bucks papers. I’ve only done one and I can’t even do it yeah and I got a 9 he 8 in each pass paper what you got a 98 in each pass paper. 

That’s insane you’re gonna 100% do it well you’re gonna how many percent a street at and the following time to the exam time. She gets way way way less than me this is not ID by those IGCSE but you know you used to be a prison IGCSE as well regardless the point is is that she did so many pass papers and according to her she got 98 99 in each of them.
So busy shouldn’t made any mistake but why did she get less than me. When I barely did and I did half them on a possibly appreciated and I maybe you know got eighty seventy percent well it’s simple not everybody grades themselves the same way and not everybody does pass paper it’s the same way some people. And I’m telling you i’ve seen this they were literally do passed papers and when they can’t do a question they look at the mine scheme for just a few seconds. 

Oh I would have gone in that and then they just kind of they’re done. Then they do the answer which is pretty stupid or sometimes people will do pass papers with their friends and then they’ll get the answer from your friends.
The point I’m trying to make is that not everybody does pass papers in the way where they sit down you know by themselves. Totally no cheating and just doing past papers as if there were an actual exam not everybody. Does that so sometimes when they don’t do that they tell you oh because they grade themselves wrongly that and they tell you oh i’ve i’ve scored eighty ninety percent and you’re like dude every time. 

I try to do this past year I only get 60 percent just remember they may be over grading themselves they may not be necessarily following the exact grading scheme on the mark scheme.

Their money they may not necessarily be answering the questions. The right way they may be creating themselves very leniently and I’m sure they’ll find this. As well your cost are people who are concur that i’ve studied so much i’ve done so many past papers but they’re still just doing terrible at the exam. So trust me even. 

Even if it is true right even if a person has to be more than you it always leads to just you feeling bad it never is productive like every time I asked a person how much have you done and they’re like oh the even if they’ve done just a little bit more than me.
 I always feel like everything i’ve said has gone away. And I just like studying again the point is whether what they whether they’ve actually exaggerated. What they’ve studied or there’s true how much they’ve studied both ways it just leads to Demotivation which is terrible right so yeah don’t believe these people and even because even if it is true it’s just gonna lead to terrible mess for you. 

Alright nice how to talk about my Apple pen died perfect there people who understand what they do right this is pretty stupid. But some people and i’ve seen this because I had friends who are like this some people never tell you how much they’ve actually studied. 

  • So they may study five chapters but they say oh of only thirty two chapters but so and it’s pretty stupid from what I understand the reason people do this is that they don’t want others to study as much as them.
  • Like if they say oh i’ve only done two chapters that other people will follow and only to do chapters and they will get better. That their friends which is pretty stupid because yeah it’s just some psychological manipulation. 
  • But i’ve actually seen people do this and also let me tell you there are sometimes people they understood. What they do because they feel that this is pretty stupid but they would feel like this that if I tell everybody. 
  • I study so much and I still don’t get good marks that means I’m pretty stupid so it’s better I tell people that I study less and if I get less nobody really expects that much from me.
  •  I mean I mean there are more people who over exaggerate how much they grew than people who understand. But I’m just saying that there are people who understand what they do there are people. 
  • Who purposely don’t tell others how much they’ve studied and there are you know because they don’t want others to study and there are people who do that because they don’t want people to have high expectations of them so usually the effect. 

Like let’s say you call your friend they’re like oh i’ve already said two chapters and you’re blessed say study five chapters usually the effect on you is that you feel wow.
I’ve done five chapters well unless you’re doing pretty good and a lot of times you’ll find that the pace or the intensity at which you’re studying decreases quite a bit and that’s pretty bad because if you’re doing well in your studying and suddenly you just have to call the wrong idiot. 

Who saves I’m setting less and then you just kind of reduce your studying well it’s not really helpful for you and also sometimes they may have these stupid practices that you may adopt like they may say oh. You know I’m gonna show you these 10 chapters but I’m gonna skip these these these parts because they never come in tests and then you’re like hey that’s a good idea.
 So I malls are gonna skip these these these parts go together common tests and then that exact same part will come in your tests. And the reason I know this is because when I said we become economics a child everybody like there was a small box in our textbook that everybody scared but. 

I read it and that’s exactly what came out of exam and it helped me it was about automatic stabilizers in time in 2019 if I got the question wrong. I wouldn’t have got my seven in economics a child yeah so the point is when people understand what they do and makes you do stupid things.
That either makes you reduce your pace at which your study or it makes your job their stupid behavior or you know is the point is either way you’re doing your exact. You’re talking to people let’s say call up your friend they exaggerate that how much they study or they understand. 

How much they said are you really tell the truth if it’s more or less than you it’s just never gonna be good for you it’s just never it always used to be motivational always leads to you reducing your pace. Sure there are some times where it’s maybe good where like for example they may alert you to things that you’ve missed like oh. I didn’t know you have to study this chapter this chapter like.

Disadvantages and  Advantages

There are some benefits but I feel that the the disadvantages i’ll weigh the advantages. So this is my key since your recommendation by the way stop asking your friends how much they’ve done. 

  • I think this is a bit impossible because you know in exam time you do want to call up your friends right you do want to talk to them you just you just want to talk about how much you’re breaking down and stuff like that. But anyway if you can’t stop asking at least stop caring because just remember the truth number one all right.
  •  That this video is based on what they tell you they study it’s never what it seems and the same way when you tell your friends. What you study you grade yourself differently. You answer your questions differently. You clearly difficult or something and different standards and your friends. 
  • So really it is never what it seems so stop asking and if they’re your friends do tell you how much to stop caring. Because remember it’s never what it seems there anything else no all right.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. This is I’d be like cool I got a 49 the exams i’ve got a 49 be. And I’m trying to share tips to help others do not ask your friends how much i’ve studied it will lead to you doing stupid things.
 Thanks for Reading


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