Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade

Welcome Whether you call it the W.C., the bathroom, the toilet, the loo, we all have a different name for the bathroom, but some people take their love a step further by decking out their crapper. 

Romantic and Hot Body parts Toilet 1

Nowadays, we actually find a lot of interestingly-themed toilets, which are more often than not, just confusing.

1. Kegger 

These beer kegs in the bathroom of what I can only assume is a brewery double as great urinals. It’s almost too perfect, the way you can feel like you’re brewing up your own little concoction straight in the keg.

Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade

 Too much? Well, They’re also perfect for keeping a bathroom looking tip top, with a metallic finish, hard-to-stain surface, and it’s perfect for creating a vibe. 

Considering that beer is going to cause you to visit the bathroom several times during your visit, I think the extra thought put into this is very worth it. 

2. High-Tech Toilet 

If you’re not really into those, perhaps you’d enjoy our next weird toilet. Found in the depths of the internet, this toilet, whether it’s real or not, could either be every computer nerd’s dream, or nightmare. 

Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade

Can you imagine? You think you have a hard time getting away from your work? Try working in IT and then going to the bathroom and finding this toilet. 

I’m not really sure if it’s actually functional, but the fact that someone went through these lengths to create something like this says a lot. 

3. Coffin-al 

I’m not sure with this one… what kind of establishment needs coffin-inspired urinals with evil bats inside. Perhaps a Halloween costume store? 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
A haunted house. Regardless, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this. I’m trying to do my business here and there’s a massive bat head caught mid-shriek right in my face. 

I might have to hold it until I get home. What do you think of this creepy urinal? 

4. The Peaceful Toilet 

This urinal takes the opposite of a more peaceful approach to the bathroom experience. This place understands what you really need is some humiliation in your life. 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
Take your buddies to this restroom so you can finally see who has stage fright, and which friend of yours most resembled Quagmire. 

5. Slee-Peeing With The Fishes 

Ok, so we technically cheated on this one since it’s the atmosphere around the toilet instead of the toilet itself, but if you’re a nature lover and aren’t very claustrophobic, we’d recommend a nice toilet like this one. 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
It’s gender neutral, it’s peaceful without faces looking at your package, and it would probably provide some nice aquatic sound effects to soothe you during your bathroom visit. 

Sure there are some fish that will come around and maybe stare, but who’s bathroom shy around fish? They’ll never tell! 

6. Jazzy 

What do you do if you own a jazz bar and need people to stay in a jazzy mood, even while they slip away to the bathroom? You bring the music to them of course! 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
I don’t think peeing in these urinals is specifically musical but it’s definitely going to have you thinking about the ins-and-outs (literally) of the very instruments you’re listening to. Are these actual jazz club bathrooms? 

Who knows! But if I had a jazz club this is what I’d do, or maybe if I was the director a big brass band. “Eyes on the prize, everybody! 5-minute bathroom break!” 

7. The Gamer Lounge 

This bathroom, which these men are clearly not actually using, raises a lot of questions. For instance, where is this? Why is there no door? Why is there no separation between toilets? 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
Are we not just assuming that they’re all in there pooping and that’s why they have time for gaming? Is this a gaming room with built-in bathrooms or a bathroom with built-in gaming systems? 

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions remain unanswered but I do know this. You have to be an extrovert to use this bathroom or just have zero interest in leaving this game. 

8. Icey Toilet 

You might not see the use for this toilet or the reasons why anyone would use it, but let me set the scene for you. Sometimes, you’re in the Arctic and you really have to go, but your whole expedition is there and you’re a little bathroom shy. 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
You don’t want to just squat somewhere or turn around just to leave some yellow snow as proof. So what do you do then? Go to the toilet igloo of course! Sure it’s still slightly visible through the ice, but it’ll do the trick. 

9. Urinal With a View 

Maybe that’s not the description you look for when looking for the toilet but, what if? 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
You could wave at a tourist helicopter as it flies by, or look at a beautiful sunset while you go the number 1. Worry not, it’s unlikely that they’ll see you, and even if they do, they couldn’t possibly know what you’re doing, right? 

10. Less than romantic 

There are things we do alone that are exponentially improved by doing them with a partner. Sleeping can be one of those things, as is taking a bath. Going to the bathroom? Not so much. 
Top Weirdest and Hotest Toilets Ever Made in this Decade
This heart-shaped bathtub with a built-in heart-shaped toilet is the very worst experience we can imagine. Just the fact that you’re bathing next to a two-person toilet takes all the sultriness away from the moment. 

Are both contraptions using the same water source, where is the water going? And, can we just not? This toilet can go back to the weird era and place where it came from. 
If you end up enjoying this Blog Post. Tell us in the comment section,  which toilet you’d get at home if money was no issue! 

Thank you for reading

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