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Ancient Aliens: Star Children of Ancient Greece (Season 7) | History

NARRATOR: Greece, thesixth century BC– Mnesarchus, the father ofphilosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, wastraveling home from work one day when he cameupon an abandoned infant staring at the sun. And he was surviving solelyon the dew from a nearby tree. JONATHAN YOUNG:Mnesarchus named this baby .

Astraios, which literallymeans star child in Greek. And here is an earlyexample of a magical child. He adopted it. He raised it with Pythagorasand his two brothers. So he was part of their family. NARRATOR: According to the Greekmyth, as recorded by Antonius Diogenes, Mnesarchus gavethe child to Pythagoras to be his servant and apprentice. Although Pythagoras isconsidered one of history's .

Greatest mathematical minds,some ancient astronaut theorists believe he may havereceived advanced knowledge from the boy Astraios. It's believed that Astraioswas actually sent to Earth in order to instructPythagoras, whose mystic concepts becamefoundational to the ancient world. So here we have a curiousstory of someone named star child who had thesespecial powers, whose .

Birth is really a mystery. And so this child,Astraios, was perhaps one of the earlyextraterrestrial children sent to planet Earth. NARRATOR: Couldthis peculiar child have actually instructedone of the greatest minds of the ancient world? And considering the Greeksdescribed powerful beings who came down from thesky, is it possible, .

As ancient astronauttheorists suggest, that Astraios was theoffspring of the gods– part human and part divine? Many ancient cultures,among them the ancient Greeks and the Egyptiansand many others, describe how somechildren were born from humans and the so-called gods. Star children are what someconsider a new breed of people. .

NARRATOR: Is thestory of Astraios really an early accountof a star child? And if the star childrenhave existed here on Earth throughout our history,what is the source of their superior intelligenceand unexplainable abilities? BRET OLDHAM: Sciencetells us that in addition to the two-stranddouble helix DNA, there's an additional10 etheric strands of DNA that is dormantin humans and has .

Been since recorded history. It's highly possiblethat alien creators have designed us this way. And certain individualsare chosen throughout time to awaken these dormantstrands in order to help mankind advance.
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