What’s the difference between dying of coronavirus versus dying with coronavirus?

Now it may seem like headlines about coronavirus are written to scare you we see it every day on our station's facebook page and twitter when it comes to coronavirus we don't write headlines to scare you we want to know the facts and the facts are there are still a lot we don't know about cobit 19 .

Including how to accurately report deaths is dying with coven 19 the same as dying from copen 19. king's reporter shawnee sahib brings us more when you die of a different cause but have the coronavirus is it accurate to say you died from coronavirus it's really hard to know .

Who's actually dying from covert because we think there's a lot of misdiagnosis so a lot of people aren't being diagnosed they might be dying and it doesn't get on the death record having previous underlying conditions may make diagnosing the cause of death more difficult .

Dr orry says knowing the primary cause of death along with the secondary and tertiary cause is important to understanding the death rate from coronavirus we wish we had perfect data we don't have i mean whether it's covert this year or opioids last year you know it's the exact same thing it's .

Really hard particularly in texas because there are so few counties that have medical examiners so if you do die and you're in a county without a medical examiner it's often the justice of the peace who sort of determines the cause of death .

So the one thing we could do is have in general even before covet better accounting of how people are dying and what the underlying causes are if someone with coven 19 died from a car wreck marking his or her cause of death by the virus may not be the most accurate .

This pandemic brings to light how data can be miscalculated when counting the death rates something like covert can help us do better reporting of morbidity and mortality it's a wake-up call that we need to have better data and to keep data at the local level the state level on the national level .

Dr orry says knowing all of the conditions that caused one's death is important for death records in college station sunny sai kags news
What’s the difference between dying of coronavirus versus dying with coronavirus?