The whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) in Karbala // Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?

The whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) in Karbala. 

Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?

Hi, Welcome to my blog.In this blog I will tell you the story of Hazrat Hussain (R.A) today! Bismillah! 

The story of Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu Anhu) Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu Anhu) was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). 

The whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) in Karbala // Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?

Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?
Who is Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S) ?

He was the son of Hazrat Ali Ibn Ali Talib (R.A), and Hazrat Bibi Fatima (Radi Allahu Anha). The Prophet loved Hazrat Hussain and his brother a lot. 

There are many instances where he (SAW)have said 

“He who loves me and loves these two, their father and their mother, will be with me at my place on the day of resurrection.

On another occasion, he (SAW) said 

“Hussain is of me and I am of him. 

Allah loves those who love Hussain. Hussain is a grandson among grandsons. After the death of the Prophet, his mother too passed away. And in a few years, his father died as well, making his brother Hazrat Hassan (A.S) the Imam. 

Hazrat Hussain had to take over the responsibility of Imama. after his brother died. A messnger is now standing before Hussain(Radi Allahu Anhu) Yazid wanted Hazrat Hussain to pay allegiance to him and follow his leadership, but Hazrat Hussain refused. 

This angered Yazid One day, while Hazrat Hussain was in Makkah doing his pilgrimage, he got the news that the people over Iraq had a message for him they wanted to pledge allegiance to him and his family. Not to Yazid. 

Hazrat Hussain received over five hundred letters from Iraq. He headed to Kufa where he was offered allegiance from the people living there. 

Before reaching the city of Kufa, he asked his cousin Muslim Ibn Aqeel (R.A) to go to Kufa to assess the situation there But the situation in Kufa had changed. 

Yazid’s army had already bribed the people of Kufa. And they swore allegiance to Yazid. When Muslim arrived at the city, he was greeted by some of the people who wanted to pay allegiance to Hazrat Hussain . but Yazid’s army found out he was in the city he was then killed when he didn’t pay allegiance to Yazid. 

Hazrat Hussain didn’t realize the situation in Kufa, the companions of the prophet warned him from going to Kufa, but he continued and his journey to the city Suddenly they were surrounded by Hur and the his army near Al-Qadissiyah Hur worked for Yazid, and he had been instructed to stop the family proceeding any further to Kufa. 

Hur asked Imam Hussain (RA) “Where are you going O grandson of the prophet?” The Imam reply ” To Iraq” and Hur said back to him. “I order you to turn back and not to go to Kufa” Nevertheless Imam Hussain (RA) still went on his way to Iraq. 

The family then reached Karbala. They remained there for two days, from the 2nd until the 4th of Muharram. But soon, Shimr arrived along with four thousand soldiers. Hazrat Hussain thought about his family. The people in Imam Hussain’s camp, consisted of men over 80 years old, and women and children. 

He finally decided to comply considering the safety of his family. Shimr and his soldiers soon occupied the camp. He ordered Hazrat Hussain (RA) to pay allegiance to Yazid. But Hazrat Hussain (RA) didn’t comply On the 9th of Muharram Hazrat Hussain saw that the army of Yazid were approaching his camp. 

He asked his brother Abbas, to meet the soldiers and find out what was happening When Abbas spoke to the soldiers, they said they had received orders to find Hazrat Hussain if he didn’t pay allegiance to Yazid. 

When Abbas informed this to Hazrat Hussain, he realized that his end was near. Hazrat Hussain requested that they be given one more night for worshipping Allah. The army agreed, and granted them one more day to live. 

That night, the entire family prayed and worshipped Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala). Even though they knew they were going to die the next day, the family stayed strong and together. 

After the prayers, Hazrat Hussain held a meeting for his family and companions. He told them that Yazid wanted to kill him alone, and not his family. He asked them to leave the camp and save their lives. But no one wanted to leave! 

They were willing to give up their life for the family of the Prophet. They swore their allegiance till they die. Let us remember Hur, the leader of the army who initially stopped Hazrat Hussain from entering Kufa He realized that he was on the wrong side of the battle. 

When he thought about killing the Prophet’s surviving family, he was horrified! 

Hur,and his son and four soldiers walk toward Hussain’s camp When he met the Imam, he was overcome with grief. He begged for forgiveness and pleaded with him to fight for him. 

On the morning of the 10th of Muharram, Hazrat Hussain led his family and companions in prayers. Not only that, he also led the prayers of the opposing side as well. And after the prayers were finished they saw the army approaching, they lined up outside their tents to defend themselves. 

They were 72, facing a giant army of thousands of soldiers! Hur was the first to fight in the battle of Karbala. But he stood no chance against an army of thousands. Even though he fought bravely, he was soon killed. They fought all morning very bravely. 

The fighting continued throughout the afternoon and soon all the companions were martyred, leaving only the family members. Imam’s nephew, the son of Hazrat Hassan (Radi Allahu Anhu), Hazrat Qasim approached Imam and requested him to go out into the battlefield. But Imam denied his request Hazrat Qasim was upset, so he approached his mother and spoke to her. 

It was then she handed over a letter, and asked him to give this to his uncle. The letter was written by Imam Hassan (Radi Allahu Anhu) before he died. He knew that this day would come soon, and that’s why he requested his brother to let his son fight for him.

 Imam Hussain was forced to give his permission, and Hazrat Qasim went into the battlefield. But he too died very soon. Finally, Imam Hussain went out to the battlefield. He introduced himself again as the grandson of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and that his only crime was that he would not take the oath of allegiance to Yazid and his sinful ways. 

Soon, Shimr and his army approached Hazrat Hussain he fought many of them bravely. But numbers greater than bravery and he was soon killed after. 

The whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) in Karbala // Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?

By the evening, the only surviving male member of the family, Hazrat Zain Ul Abideen (R.A), the noble ladies of the house and children were left. Allah knows best and has a plan. 

The whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) in Karbala // Who is Imam-e-Hussain (A.S) ?

On the night of the 10th of Muharram the ladies were now imprisoned. They began their long journey through the hot deserts of Karbala. They travelled through the burning sands through the towns of Tikrit, Mosul and Aleppo. 

Those pious Womans were taken to Syria where Bibi Zainab (A.S), the brave sister of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) confronted Yazid. She stood before him and told the world about the atrocities that the family of the Prophet had endured. Yazid was ridiculed by this powerful lady and people now knew the story of Karbala. 

Zainab then died after she had revealed the truth. It was the destiny of this pious lady to spread, narrate and share the whole story of Karbala. If it hadn’t have been for her, the whole story could have been suppressed and forgotten in the hot desert. Through all her pain and suffering she was able to keep the story alive.

That’s the whole Story of Hazrat Imam-e-Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S) and Grandson Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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