How To Make Money On Instagram With A Small Instagram Following (step by step plan with workbook!)

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret you don't need a massive following on instagram to make a full-time income don't believe me stick around to the end of this video and i'm gonna prove it to you i'm natalie ellis ceo of boss vape the number one online community for female entrepreneurs .

Not long ago i was where many of you are today wanting more of life but lost overwhelmed and confused trying to figure out the exact steps i needed to take to get there fast forward six years and multiple business ventures i'm so proud to say i figured it out .

Built a growing audience of 2.6 million on social media a multiple seven figure business have been featured in forbes and other publications speak on stages around the world lead a team of 18 and prove that they say is wrong it's my mission to show you how to do the same .

Hey guys this video is part of a 10 day challenge to monetize your instagram account no matter how big or small of a following you have i'm going to show you the exact steps you need to take to make money online through a series of videos to teach you the theory workbooks to then put that .

Theory into practice and even daily emails to hold you accountable and make sure you're actually taking action if you've landed straight here and haven't yet signed up for the challenge click the link below to sign up it's available all year round and by signing up you'll not just get .

The videos but workbooks and emails too these are really going to help you integrate and implement everything that you're going to learn it's completely free and it's an absolute essential if you're really serious about moving the needle in your business and if you'd like my support to do so so hit .

The link below sign up and with that we're gonna dive straight in welcome welcome welcome to the 10 days to monetize your small audience challenge if you're a service-based entrepreneur or an online coach with less than 10 000 followers and you want to learn how to sell on social you are 100 .

In the right place i'm natalie ellis and i'll be your host for the challenge if you're new around here i am the ceo of boss babe the number one online community for female entrepreneurs in fact i've grown the boss of instagram account to over 2.6 million followers and growing and from that following have .

Generated multiple seven figures of revenue for over four years i've been helping women just like you achieve the same sort of results but i wasn't able to help people solve their problems until i'd solve my own first because believe it or not i found the selling on social thing .

Really really hard not too long ago honestly i had zero idea how to make money online just like you i was reading every book listening to every podcast watching every single webinar and just hoping that something anything would work and at a complete loss why my follower .

Account would go up but my bank account wouldn't i was not if i was able to grow in size and get followers but not monetize and feeling that really frustrated me because i didn't know how to convert i didn't know how to make sales from the following i had and fast forward to today .

Most of the leads in my multi-million dollar business are generated on instagram and in fact over a hundred thousand people have been through my mentorship programs coaching containers and courses to learn how to turn their followers into dollars as well i've been featured in forbes .

Inc and entrepreneur for my efforts and i'm actually invited to speak at events all around the world but through this challenge i'm making it my mission to help you completely for free so how do you attract your ideal clients with ease confidently and consistently online and how do you sell your services to .

Them this the goal of this first video is to show you exactly that when you're able to take the guesswork and hard work out of lead gen and sales you're able to focus all of your important time and energy into the things you love and the things that you are good at you can spend way more time .

In your genius zone and less time worrying where your next client's going to come from and whether your income will be enough to cover your costs i've been there like i said selling hasn't always been easy for me and i spent a really long time just trying to figure out how to do it and what that looked like .

I would actually see other business owners making sales day after day sometimes in their sleep and i just couldn't understand why what i was doing wrong and why it wasn't working and it took a really long time actually for me to figure that out according to all of the content i was .

Consuming i was doing all the right things but i was getting all of the wrong results thing is i knew my message mattered i knew i had something of value to give that my offer would help people that it would solve their problems but even though i was trying everything the gurus told me .

I was failing and i was failing all the time i was overworked underslept pushing pushing pushing and pulling nothing back i struggled to get people to my page to be totally honest never mind to get them to buy anything from me to be honest i knew i was missing something and that if i .

Found it i would blow up my offer was awesome but it just wasn't gaining enough traction and i wasn't either i was neither communicating the transformation my service could actually create for someone enough that people saw it as something worth buying nor was i nurturing the relationships .

That i had with my audience enough that really demonstrated my education or experience enough to be seen as someone worth buying from and i feel like you can probably relate to that too i so desperately wanted to work for myself and to be honest it wasn't about the money it was about the freedom it still is i .

Wanted to be making enough money every month to pay my bills and have the freedom to decide how to spend my time when to work when to play when to rest and let's be real to have the freedom to make choices rather than hustle 24 7 because it was my only option .

So many times i felt like giving up i felt like i wouldn't ever be able to get from where i was to where i wanted to be but here i am this is exactly where i wanted to be and i got here because one day when i had to skip out on dinner and drinks with the girls again because i checked my paypal balance .

And couldn't see how i pay for the necessities never mind the luxuries that was it for me and i decided to double down and decided to study instagram inside out because i knew there was something there oh and actually do the quantitative and qualitative research for myself rather than just learning what other .

People had to teach me and i just went out there and got the information for myself and i knew that if i made a commitment to this if i dedicated a ton of time and energy to this if i kept consistent studied even when i didn't want to even when i didn't feel like it i'd see .

Some kind of success and i'm so happy to say that i did and i made note along the way of each and everything that worked and didn't and now that i've tried and tested my tools and techniques over and over and over again on myself and on countless of my clients i want to share them with you i know .

That if you can figure out the sales and revenue piece of your business it's just going to totally transform your life like a transformed mind i hand on heart believe that every business owner should have access to this knowledge and so over the next 10 days i'll be handing it over so that you can really make a .

Change in your business and beyond okay so let's jump in in this video we're going to start with two things two things that can turn your business around overnight the first thing is getting extremely clear on who your ideal client is the second is knowing how to find your .

Ideal clients using instagram if you're not making sales right now then you have an issue with one or two of these things because if you don't understand your ideal client chances are your offer isn't reflecting what they want help with or it isn't clearly communicating to .

Them what you can actually do to help them so how do you even begin to understand who your ideal client is firstly you've got to let go of these myths pause this video and go grab a pen and paper if you haven't got one already because you're going to want to write these things down .

The key to making sales is not trying to attract anyone and everyone making sales online is not the same as fishing right a wider net does not necessarily help you catch more fish the part of building your business this part is not something that you can skip over and i see people trying to skip .

Over it all the time because let me guess you've heard so many people talking about this and you have a running narrative in your head of great natalie but can you just skip to the part where you actually give me the secret tactics to getting clients can we not do this and again this part might .

Make you really uncomfortable but i'm here to help you get results and i know that by showing you how to find and actually talk to these ideal clients the results you're going to get are going to be bigger better and longer lasting than they are now so please trust me on this and be .

Willing to take action so now that you understand what not to do let's talk about what you should definitely do in order to understand your ideal client you really want to get to know their demographics as a baseline how old are they where are they located and then you're going to want to spend .

Time diving deeper into their pain and pleasure points so what do they love spending their time doing what really lights them up what are they looking to understand or achieve or get transformed in why are they not understanding this or .

Have already achieved this what is really standing in their way now and here is the most important part what specific result is your ideal client hoping to bring about when you know this you want to dive even deeper in this so how can you get so specific about the result .

That they're trying to achieve that they literally think that you're like reading their mind when you know the result that your ideal client's really trying to achieve you can take it a step further and explore what i like to call a transformation so you should know what they think right now you should know how they feel right .

Now and you should know how those thoughts and feelings are manifesting as habits behaviors and actions being taken or not taken in their life and you should also know exactly where they want to go and what that will look like so from a to b you should know when you can speak .

Directly to your ideal client in a way that they truly hear and connect to you're going to find that making sales becomes a whole lot easier trust me now there's a whole ton of prompts in your workbook to go through in order to help you get clear on your ideal client i've put it all out for you so make sure .

You download that below and it's going to help you get clear on on your ideal client so okay moving on to the next piece i want you to start looking for your ideal clients this begins with making a list of 10 people or businesses who are similar to you and yours or have your ideal clients following them on .

Social media you might not find this easy in the beginning i'm going to be honest but i want you to stick with it start with one account and go from there so make a list of them in your workbook again there's tons of space and prompts in there and we're gonna do something with it so .

It's really well worth doing so do this ahead of the next video because we're gonna put this into practice now an important note first if you sit down and start trying to brainstorm your ideal client avatar or 10 accounts and you're totally stuck it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong this is all part of the process and this .

Is the reason we've got 10 days together this is the reason there's workbooks as well as videos you don't have to know what your niche is you don't have to know what your transformation is you don't need to know your ideal client or what what your offer creates yet i'm here to help you with all of this .

But i want you to at least take action and get thinking even if you just get a few things written down so as you can see what we're working on right now has nothing to do with how many followers you have followers do not equal dollars i want to scream that from the rooftops i have clients with a thousand followers .

On social having 10k months and clients with 100 000 followers on social having way less than that you can have an incredibly profitable business without a massive following on social media even if most of your sales are being made on social media trust me now if you are interested in .

Growing in size though you're in luck because in the next video we're going to go over how you can use those accounts you've uncovered to attract your idle clients to you and your business that you can really start making sales with no ad spend without the confusion without the frustration .

Right now though i want to know a little bit more about you what does being able to monetize your audience on instagram mean to you how would it change your life or business in a really meaningful way please scroll down the video and tell me in the comment section below and of course if you like this video and .

Found it useful i would love it if you shared with a friend who you think would get a lot of value from it the next videos in this challenge will be hosted right here on my channel so if you want to get access to those as well go ahead and subscribe you'll also find so many other videos on my channel that will really help support you in building .

Your online business so be sure to check those out so just to recap like i said i want you to go away and really get clear on your idol client there's a link to a workbook below with tons of questions and prompts that's really going to help take what you know out of your head and start to .

Formulate it as an ideal client avatar as well as that you're going to start to identify different accounts don't worry if you didn't get the chance to make tons of notes during this video because it's all in your workbook for you so the link below is to download your workbook make sure you grab it and then do the pre-work .

Before coming back to the next video because trust me over the next 10 days we are going to make serious waves in your business
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