Role of Customer Service & Customer Need in Businesses

When a company launch its product, it looks forward to sell the product and earn some profit from it. Most of the time it is one time profit and some time it will become long term profit. The level of profitability depends on the satisfaction of the customer, using the product. Businesses have to make sure about the satisfaction of their customers and fulfill their needs within best quality and price range.

As we are discussing about the role of customer service in business, it simply describes that if you want to have profitable business in long term, you should have to focus on your customer satisfaction and feedback. If you are ignoring your customers, they will buy your product once but not become your regular customers.

Regular customer are the key customers of any business or company who make business sustainable and profitable.

We at versuszone, thinks that customer service plays a main role in the profitability of any business, it’s not means that you only have to pay attention on it. There are also many other factor of sustainability, scalability and profitability of any business e.g. team performances, self-up gradations and others.

Let’s explore one example that can elaborate this concept more clearly. Nokia, performed perfectly in last decades but from last 4 to 5 years there is no more customers available in the market demanding Nokia because Nokia was performing well in customer service but it was not upgrade with the time because with the passage of time needs and problems are changing. If you will not change with the time and needs, market will leave you stand alone. In this case if Nokia focused parallel on bot customer service and customer needs it will maintain its repute in its customers.

To end this conversation, key points are: A good company focused on customer service but not only customer service but also other factors that plays role in the success of any business.

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