Top-20 improvers in Doing Business 2020

Every country want to be on the top 20 established countries in the world, but not every country is able to be in this list. It’s 2020 and we decide to listed out the countries who are working and struggling for their success based on their economies.From the past 2 years, many courtiers revised their methodology to improve their economy.

According to the world bank, below is the list of 20 economies, in alphabetical order, improving the most on ease of doing business score. Economies are selected based on the number of reforms and on how much their ease of doing business score improved.

1- Azerbaijan

2- Bahrain

3- Bangladesh

4- China

5- Djibouti

6- India

7- Jordan

8- Kenya

9- Kosovo

10- Kuwait

11- The Kyrgyz Republic

12- Myanmar

13- Nigeria

14- Pakistan

15- Qatar

16- Saudi Arabia

17- Tajikistan

18- Togo

19- Uzbekistan

20- Zimbabwe

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